[OPEN] Monarch Equestrian Studbook for 2019

  • Services Offered:

    BIY - Files are not provided, only conformation shots if requested. The horse will carry YOUR prefix/suffix, since you're the creator. I have no activity requirements, you paid the fee and it's your choice to use the horse you made.

    Terms of breeding:

    • No uploading for mass download or selling for rl currency.
    • Make sure the breed of my horse is an acceptable outcross.
    • Only one offspring should be created, no twins please.
    • The horse will carry YOUR preffix/suffix.
    • Minor tweaks can be made (shine or mane/tail style), don't change the gender or coat color (only slight adjusting to fit you game is acceptable).
    • Once the slots are taken the stallion/mare is not available for breeding until next year.
    • Member can buy as many slots as needed.
    • Once payment is sent you may use the horse in BIY.
    • Sometimes I'm interested in other forms of payment than ES money, just ask what I currently look for.

    To apply please send me following information in message here or on slack:

    EC name:
    Type of breeding: BIY
    Stallion (main site):
    Mare (main site):

    Any comments, questions, or mistakes can be posted in this thread.

  • Stallions

  • Mares

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