[OPEN] Monarch Equestrian Studbook for 2019

  • Services Offered:

    BIY - Files are not provided, only conformation shots if requested. The horse will carry YOUR prefix/suffix, since you're a creator. I have no activity requirements, you paid the fee and it's your choice to use the horse you made.

    Traditional - I create the horse and often ask for the mare's/stallion's file to play with genetics in CAP. You may tell your prefferenced gender, color. I'm not creating custom markings but if you want to add one, you may do so, just let me know earlier. If the horse is missing markings in your game, feel free to replace them with something similar. The copy of the horse is kept in my archive. Horse is sent with a mainsite profile, CAP pictures and already registered. No activity requirements but I'd love to see my babies are active whether it's C shows or scrapbook updates.

    Terms of breeding:

    • No uploading for mass download or selling for rl currency.
    • Make sure the breed of my horse is an acceptable outcross.
    • Only one offspring should be created, no twins please.
    • Minor tweaks can be made (shine or mane/tail style), don't change the gender or coat color (only slight adjusting to fit you game is acceptable).
    • If you want to sell the horse, please let me know first. I may be interested in buying it back.
    • Profiles of unwanted horses made by me can be sent to my mainsite without judgement.
    • Once the slots are taken the stallion/mare is not available for breeding until next year.
    • Member can buy as many slots as needed.
    • Once payment is sent you may use the horse in BIY/I start working on horse bred in traditional way.
    • Sometimes I'm interested in other forms of payment than es money, just ask what I currently look for.

    To apply please send me following information in message here or on slack:

    EC name:
    Type of breeding: BIY
    Stallion (main site):
    Mare (main site):

    Any comments, questions, or mistakes can be posted in this thread.

  • Stallions

  • Mares

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