how long till horses are considered "declared"

  • I may just be the least tech-savvy person in the world, but I have a couple of horses who I have registered on both the main site and forum for say-- a little over a month now? However, they don't seem to show up on leader boards at all still. I've informed any show hosts about this so they don't get DQ'd but it's still a bit confusing to me. I'm new to this show system to bare with me haha

  • Administrators

    As long as horses are accepted via autoreg, they are considered registered. Occasionally a small bug in the documents that we can't fix will cause horses to flicker on show documents, changing their status to Undeclared for a few moments. This is what you should alert show hosts too. If your horse is no longer showing this flickering in shows, it's been archived onto the ApprovedHorses document and will no longer show as undeclared in it's registered disciplines. If you're unsure if your Approved horse has been archived, you can check ApprovedHorses and see if his name and ID appears in the blue part of the document (above the static cut off line.) We archive horses about once a week, so horses approved a month ago are definitely archived. If your horses have been able to compete in shows for the past month, they should be fully registered. What leaderboards are you looking at? All horses registered in a discipline will show up on the Show History tab of the documents.

  • @Puck-Cantrell ah! Okay, that makes a lot more sense. I wasn’t quite sure where to look for my horses apparently, but thank you! I saw that it mentioned that on the registration thread, but I just didn’t understand what it meant exactly, but that clears it up pretty well

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