[ENDED] Penny Lane Equestrian Warmblood Auction

  • Penny Lane Equestrian Center Presents

    The Penny Lane Equestrian Progeny Auction

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    Welcome to Penny Lane Equestrian's first ever progeny Auction. These horses represent some of the best bloodlines available at Penny Lane. All horses come registered in their preferred discipline with a main site profile and custom markings. Auction will end on 5/23 at 11:59 P.M. Pacific time or 24 Hours ALB.


    • Do not share the horse for download. The only exception is if you lease the horse or send it to someone for a breeding.
    • Do not alter the horse in such a way that it no longer looks like itself. You may add detail markings and tweak the conformation if something bothers you but do not change the horse to such extremes as to make it unrecognizable.
    • Do not reuse the custom markings that come with the horse.
    • Please do not resell the horse without offering it back to me first I may wish to buy it back
    • You may change the barn name and discipline.
    • You may not remove my prefix, add your own or change the horses registered show name.
    • There are no activity requirements but I love to see my horses around.
    • If you decide to leave Equus permanently I would appreciate having the horse returned to me before you go. Should you return I will be happy to send it back to you.
    • Please tell me your favorite coat color with your first bid so I know you have read these rules.
    The Horses

    Xamara PL
    Main Site Profile
    Helter Skelter PL x CDC Xahlia

    Xamara is a 5th generation trakehner mare. Sired by one of our most successful stallions Helter Skelter PL, Xamara carries many of the most desired bloodlines in the community. She traces back to the legendary MSE Starry Night on her sire line. Xamara receives a + 25 bonus in eventing. She has been registered and is ready to start her rise to eventing stardom in your stable. Xamara is fearless, in training she has never shied away from any challenge. She is a very loving horse, more like a large puppy who will happily follow you around while you do your stable chores if you let her. She will make a wonderful addition to any eventing program.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    Saffron PL
    Main Site Profile
    Caravaggio PL x Supernova PL

    Saffron PL is a 4th generation Trakehner mare. Her sire line traces back to the legendary Anglo Arabian stallion Ishan. She receives + 21 Eventing and + 7 Dressage bonuses. Saffron is a bit hotheaded like her sire and will need an experienced rider who is able to earn her respect. She flies over fences seemingly effortlessly and has the potential to be a real force in the show ring. She will make an excellent addition to any eventing program. Her bold coloring really makes her stand out.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    Oryx PL
    Main Site Profile
    CDC Orestes x VS Mimosa

    Oryx PL is a 4th generation Hanoverian Stallion. He receives a +25 bonus in show jumping. He has lines tracing back to some of the oldest and most well known bloodlines on Equus. Oryx is a joy to ride, he is very willing to please and always happy to do whatever is asked of him. He is one of the calmest stallions we have ever seen at Penny Lane, gentle as a kitten even with our inexperience youth interns. Oryx jumps like he has wings. He will be a great addition to any show jumping team.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    Horse Name Starting bid Highest bid Highest bidder End time
    Xamara PL $20,000 $146,000 Keegan Noble SOLD
    Saffron PL $20,000 $44,000 Erin Ward SOLD
    Oryx PL $20,000 $23,000 Erik Sobek SOLD

  • Saffron PL SB <3

  • Xamara PL - SB :heart_eyes:
    umm ... this is hard, I think I just go with black :see_no_evil:

  • Xamara PL - 21k
    Saffron PL - 21k

    I don't really have my fav coat? I like making bays in CAS though, so maybe that?

  • oh my gosh these are hard to resist! i'm going to try and sit on my hands and hope they all go to great homes :laughing:

  • Xamara PL - 22k

  • Saffron PL - 22k


  • Saffron PL- 23k

  • Saffron PL - 24k

  • SB on Oryx PL

    Bay for sure

  • Xamara PL - 23k

    Any kind of roan, really
    Might not be the ideal place to state this, but I simply love your stable's name! :heart:

  • Xamara PL - 24k

    Who doesn't love a sooty blood bay? Or a cream pon? :p

  • Xamara PL - 25k

  • Xamara PL - 27k

  • PR Committee

    Xanara PL - 30,000

    Blood Bay

  • Xamara PL - 31k

  • Oryx PL - 22k So GORGEOUS

    Any Tobiano tbh.

  • Xamara PL - 33k

  • Saffron PL - 25k

    Fleabitten Grey to the Win

  • Xamara PL - 34k

  • PR Committee

    Xamara PL 35,000

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