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    Pss Andor and Major Courtland
    They might not have been blood, but they were family, and when the flashes got too much, when the sounds of explosions seemed too real, when the cold hand of guilt threatened to crush her heart with the weight of those left behind, Andor was always there to help Grace shoulder the burden of memory.

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    Featuring: Wildwood Witch OX, WPW Lamashtu, Kevin Halloran, and Nora Pigott

    ~ A sky full of stars and he was staring at her. ~

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    Featuring ART Maribor and Micha Kowen

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    MOS Chase Me Charlie :white_flower:

    Abigail never thought she would have a horse to her self. Even though she had been riding since she was 5, having her own horse seemed far fetched.

    Phone rings
    Stephanie: Hello, Essex residence?
    voice muffled
    Stephanie: He'll be delivered later today?
    Stephanie: Alright, we'll see you around 3! Thank you, bu-bye!

    Stephanie had secretly arranged to have a 4 year old, Quarter Pony brought to the farm. She bought this little guy with the idea of helping Abigail come out of her shell. Abigail has made a large improvement already, and it's just been 3 years. Stephanie thought if there was a horse for Abigail to come home to, it'll be beneficial.


    Abigail hasn't gotten home from school yet, which was Stephanie's plan all this time. They unload Charlie without a problem, and plop him in the small pasture next to their house. Even though nothing has been in that pasture before they moved into the house, the pasture was beautifully covered in wild flowers.
    Stephanie never imagined how quickly this little pony would settle in. Within a half hour, Charlie was laying flat-out on his side, sound asleep. As Stephanie approached the sleeping pony, he woke up a little. He didn't stand up, he just looked at her, watching her.
    This is better than Stephanie could have ever hoped for. This easy going, young pony will hopefully be exactly that this family needs! <3

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    "A silence with you is not a silence. But a moment rich in peace."
    Leonard Nimoy

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    and i know red's your favorite color

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    YDA Vistosa and YDA Sonadora, two of our lovely Andalusian mares.
    Each evening at approximately 19:45, Sonadora and Vistosa gallop through a field thick with poppies. We assume, in hopes of meeting the evening train, which adventures to France and back to Italy. Their desire for adventure sparks at 19:25 when the distant sound of the rattling train echoes through the mares meadow. It may seem strange that out of a herd of five Spanish mares, only these two are put in the train's enchanting trance. Perhaps though, there is something more to the train that seems to call their names. We may never know. But in the least we value 19:45 to be a sacred time for these two Spanish beauties to stretch their legs and race into the sunset.

  • PR Committee

    First of all I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who entered this; it was wonderful to see so many lovely pictures, and also to see people try something different and fun. Also, there's now a participant gift very kindly donated by @Thea-Radmer, you can see pictures in the opening post and at the end of each theme, I'll send the gifts out to you all.


    So with the Poppy themed all wrapped up, here we go again with the new theme running from 9th - 30th June


    and the theme is... The Boss


    Again, thank you to the mystery person who suggested this theme; feel free to take credit in the chatter thread if this is your suggestion. If anyone is struggling with ideas or specific content for your idea, just post in the chatter thread. Otherwise, I hope you guys have fun coming up with entries for this theme! :sparkles:

  • Aww mann, i was hoping that i could make it to the poppy theme. but oh well, boss.... Hm, might have an idea xD

  • 3am Boss-attude!

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    Chase looks at the security footage and sighs calling Allie in. "We have an issue!"
    Allie walks into the office pushing her hair out of her face. "You find out who tore our barn to pieces? I have not seen this kind of damage by a coon or possum before"
    He looks at her unamused before looking back at his computer with a glare "I am going to geld that spotted rat of yours. He prances around here after we close the barn like he owns the place."
    Allie tilts her head some "We have six spotted butts around here you could threaten to geld. Who could possibly get out?"
    Chase growls some "That spotted butt you just had to have. You know the one. The rat who hates everyone but you and thinks he is the boss"
    She watches him with amusement "Well that could be Max, Dandy, Prince or King. Take your choice."
    He prints out the photo for her "Buy a new lock for his stall door. A floor lock as well as a top lock. Or I'll change our entire barn to accommodate him."
    She takes the photo and laughs. "Yes Prince is the boss around here. At least he did not breed your sweet mare." She laughs again walking out tisking to the stallion in his stall across the way
    Chase however starts looking at new stall designs. muttering about how maybe a cage stall would suit the spotted rat better.

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    You may think you're the one in charge here... but it's just an illusion. Just an illusion.

  • A few days ago the night was so warm so all our horses were in the pasture. Unfortunately, at some point, a thief wanted to steal one of our mares.
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    Luckily, he chose the leader of the pack.
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    Moments later, she overtook the thief from the pasture and showed him who is the boss.
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  • “At Agizmo, I'm the puurfect boss around here!"

    Baby’s song - always loved…never forgotten…forever missed… ♥♥♥

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    "Rachel, we really need a better means of testing new horses than just throwing Meredith on their back and seeing how she gets on."
    "She seems to enjoy it, and I'd rather her daredevil sessions were supervised than she takes it out on the cross country course."

    The chain of command at Vanaheim is a little strange. To an outsider, it's clear that Rachel is the boss and matriarch of the yard, but some might consider the dressage lead, Aaron Smith to be her right hand man, but in fact, it's Meredith 'Merry' Deacon, who never feels quite alive unless she's flirting with death.

  • This post is deleted!

  • PR Committee

    Thank you to everyone who entered this theme, it was great fun to go through and see them. To those who haven't entered before, I'll send the participation markings kindly made by @Thea-Radmer to you over the weekend.


    So with The Boss themed all wrapped up, here we go again with the new theme running from 4th - 31st July This has been extended by a week due to the forum downtime.


    and the theme is... Beach Vibes


    If anyone is struggling with ideas or specific content for your idea, just post in the chatter thread. Otherwise, I hope you guys have fun coming up with wonderful summer beach / ocean pictures for this theme! :sparkles: :ocean: :palm_tree:

  • Living by the sea sure does have it's perks. It's relaxing, beautiful, good for your health, and who can resist a nice bareback canter on a beach? Just remember to bring a lot of sunscreen and to stay hydrated!

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    "We never should have bred Kalishka. That filly is even worse than her mother!" Merry muttered under her breath as she hauled herself out of the water, soaking wet, pushing the hair out of her eyes and watching the rapidly departing hindquarters of her prize mare's first offspring and yelling after her: "I swear, Coralis, when I catch up with you, you're doing dressage under Ray for the rest of the season! No eventing, no water, no jumping at all! See how you like that!"

  • Anna had always felt that Iceland was her true home. The land of Ice and Fire had captivated her long ago and since has stolen her heart. She never felt more alive than tölting among the beaches of black sand, rough wind and chilled water.

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  • Development Committee

    Beach Vibes
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    ft. ART Akaroa and Nicol Gärtner

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