[Ongoing] Random Theme Challenge

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    "Rachel, we really need a better means of testing new horses than just throwing Meredith on their back and seeing how she gets on."
    "She seems to enjoy it, and I'd rather her daredevil sessions were supervised than she takes it out on the cross country course."

    The chain of command at Vanaheim is a little strange. To an outsider, it's clear that Rachel is the boss and matriarch of the yard, but some might consider the dressage lead, Aaron Smith to be her right hand man, but in fact, it's Meredith 'Merry' Deacon, who never feels quite alive unless she's flirting with death.

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  • PR Committee

    Thank you to everyone who entered this theme, it was great fun to go through and see them. To those who haven't entered before, I'll send the participation markings kindly made by @Thea-Radmer to you over the weekend.


    So with The Boss themed all wrapped up, here we go again with the new theme running from 4th - 25th July


    and the theme is... Beach Vibes


    If anyone is struggling with ideas or specific content for your idea, just post in the chatter thread. Otherwise, I hope you guys have fun coming up with wonderful summer beach / ocean pictures for this theme! :sparkles: :ocean: :palm_tree:

  • Living by the sea sure does have it's perks. It's relaxing, beautiful, good for your health, and who can resist a nice bareback canter on a beach? Just remember to bring a lot of sunscreen and to stay hydrated!

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    "We never should have bred Kalishka. That filly is even worse than her mother!" Merry muttered under her breath as she hauled herself out of the water, soaking wet, pushing the hair out of her eyes and watching the rapidly departing hindquarters of her prize mare's first offspring and yelling after her: "I swear, Coralis, when I catch up with you, you're doing dressage under Ray for the rest of the season! No eventing, no water, no jumping at all! See how you like that!"

  • Anna had always felt that Iceland was her true home. The land of Ice and Fire had captivated her long ago and since has stolen her heart. She never felt more alive than tölting among the beaches of black sand, rough wind and chilled water.

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  • Development Committee

    Beach Vibes
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    ft. ART Akaroa and Nicol Gärtner

  • Development Committee

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    ABRC Wistula & Siri and Birkebei Vianna & Vivienne

  • Waverly and ABRC Mobby Morgis

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    BEACH VIBES, when equestrians have fun


    Blu Blanc Rouge LX
    Avoca Valkyrie CO

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