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    "We never should have bred Kalishka. That filly is even worse than her mother!" Merry muttered under her breath as she hauled herself out of the water, soaking wet, pushing the hair out of her eyes and watching the rapidly departing hindquarters of her prize mare's first offspring and yelling after her: "I swear, Coralis, when I catch up with you, you're doing dressage under Ray for the rest of the season! No eventing, no water, no jumping at all! See how you like that!"

  • Anna had always felt that Iceland was her true home. The land of Ice and Fire had captivated her long ago and since has stolen her heart. She never felt more alive than tölting among the beaches of black sand, rough wind and chilled water.

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    Beach Vibes
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    ft. ART Akaroa and Nicol Gärtner

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    ABRC Wistula & Siri and Birkebei Vianna & Vivienne

  • Waverly and ABRC Mobby Morgis

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    BEACH VIBES, when equestrians have fun


    Blu Blanc Rouge LX
    Avoca Valkyrie CO

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    There's 2 hour drive to the nearest beach? No thanks! We'll rather spend our day by the pool, keeping cool. :sunglasses: :sunny: We're so lucky that one of our girls just bought this gorgeous house with an in-ground pool! It's hot and sweaty working with, and caring for horses all day, a pool would feel amazing!
    Before they could jump in, the girls needed proper pool attire to get them ready. They took a quick look online to see what store would have what they were looking for. These suits had to best represent each girl as an individual.
    So many to choose from! Bikini tops and bottoms, or one piece swimsuits. 👙 Once found what they were looking for, it was on!


    Waverly sporting her favorite fruit bikini :pineapple: and her favorite desert floating :doughnut:, she's really looking more like a snack today, than she ever has.


    Catching some rays, and getting some color! Our legs don't usually see the sun, since we're always wearing pants. We're sorry for the blinding whiteness! :white_flower: :turtle: :fish:


    Eden looking pretty sweet here! Donut fall for it though! :doughnut:


    Well you can't make everyone get in the water. And really, who's mad that a little girl is reading? :book:

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    The waves seemed to sleep when they visited the small strip of beach each evening; a long stretch of darkness reaching out to the horizon filled with glistening stars and the promise of peace as she would write in her notebook, vaguely paying attention to the click of his camera beside her. It was their nightly ritual to walk down and sit on the beach; both lost and content in their own worlds to watch the world drift by until she shivered under the pressing night breeze.
    Other times, she would walk down during the sunrise dragging Ayse along with her; two best friends sitting on the cold clumpy sand reminiscing about the sparkling blue ocean back home in Turkey; nothing compared to the darker water that surrounded them here, but both still listening contently to the soft murmurs of the water crashing against the mossy rocks. Benedict would join them occasionally on their day trips, usually to reward one of his few horses for not throwing him off in the arena. He would often try and encourage Demet to ride alongside but she was too happy dancing in the sand, throwing her arms into the salty air and letting her bare feet sink into the cool water.
    When Emre had joined their little band of misfits at the farm, Ayse had been insistent on inviting him on their trips down to the beach - it would help him fit in, she was sure of it. He'd eventually relented after the fourth invitation and watched with amusement as the two girls skipped and jogged ahead, eager to reunite with the vast space just past the cluster of rugged cliffs whilst Benedict rode next to him, muttering and wincing every time Demet would trip on a loose stone in the path or wade too far out into the ocean.


    Featuring Demet Valentini (right),Ayse Merenlaine (left), Benedict Rosella riding Foxberry's Jabari (right) and Emre Lacroix riding Charientism AT (left).

  • quincetree stables and stories!



    Something always lured Wren and Nora to the sea.

    It’s why they opted out of spending their afternoon at the Monterey Bay Aquarium with Adeline and Irene. From there, McAbee Beach was only a five minutes’ walk. That strip of sand and stone, a rocky paradise of its own, yawned through tourists’ chatter in the shadows of Cannery Row’s restaurants and shops above. But Wren and Nora did not spend their afternoon at McAbee Beach, either. The teens elected to visit Lovers Point Beach for adventure’s sake, embarking on a trip five times as long and in the opposite direction of Cannery Row. Salt imbued the air, just subtly enough to revive memories of other beaches and salted airs. Sand crabs and sandcastles bloomed in Wren and Nora’s minds, which sparkled in the rose gold blush of nostalgia.

    A jetty divided the beach in half. The northmost half sat free from the towels and umbrellas that dotted the other half of the beach, which breathed children’s laughter and sand castles. In the midsummer stillness, the air smelled of warm salt and dusty sand. The sea was an azure mirror that glittered beyond the shore and swallowed the sky. Wren and Nora could feel a bit of brine on their tongues and in the back of their throats as they breathed, and the ocean from which it came murmured as its waves kissed the sand and retreated. The rhythm of life and laughter slowed to match the tumble of the sea, but that never stopped the seagulls from their shenanigans.

    No blanket, no lunch (thus no seagull shenanigans); Wren and Nora sat on the bare sand. The regret of unpreparedness sank into them with every grain of sand that clung to their sunscreened legs but they drowned it out. They lamented over band camp and trivial things and chattered in the sun’s warmth. Their eyes glittered with mirth as the ocean did in the high afternoon sun.

    Waves washed the sand and the rest of the afternoon away as the tide rolled in closer, threatening the girls’ toes. Sunburn tinged their shoulders pink, seaspray salted their lips, laughter filled their bellies. Clouds’ long shadows stretched on their sandy canvas below as the sky turned to copper, like the inside of a seashell, and the sun was a ripe lemon over the horizon. Seagulls still squeaked in the sky. Adeline and Irene finished their escapades at the aquarium and too journeyed to Lovers Point, but the beach belonged to Wren and Nora.


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    I hope you guys enjoyed this theme, it's been fun going through them all and seeing all the different beach styles :beach_umbrella:


    So with Beach Wives theme all wrapped up, here we go again with the new theme running from 1st-22nd August


    and the theme is... Early Bird


    If anyone is struggling with ideas or specific content for your idea, just post in the chatter thread or send me a PM, I'm usually around to help out with anything. I hope you guys have fun with this :bird:

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    This post is deleted!

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    A new member of Volte Farms, Nettle S, enjoying some early morning turnout before the heat of the day.

  • Because Mornings Are Hard
    (No pics, sorry!)

    There were advantages to living on site, particularly when the Deacons provided their staff with cosy, well-furnished rooms. Of course, that made things difficult when the residents had to get up earlier than normal to get the horses to a show. Jenny Barton, in particular, was one such resident that wasn't a morning person.

    This was in rather stark contrast to Georgia Mason, one of the working students on the yard. Storming into the bedroom, she grabbed a plush horse from the top of the chest of drawers, lobbing it at Jenny's head before yanking the covers back. Jenny groaned, cracking one eye open to see Georgia signing furiously at her.

    "Get your arse out of bed, Barton! The horses need to be ready to load in 10 minutes!"

    Bolting upright, Jenny lunged for the night stand, managing to knock her hearing aids to the floor before snagging them, shoving them in just in time to hear Georgia say:

    "- I swear to god, Barton, Ray's already doing her nut so you'd better shift it!"

    There were times that Rachel's near-pathological need to organise came in useful, and early morning starts to shows was one of them. All of the tack and feed had been loaded into the lorries the night before, haynets stuffed, travel protections stacked outside the stables, and each horse's documentation collected into a neat wallet that sat on her desk ready to grab in the morning. It meant that the collection of half-asleep riders and grooms standing in the home ring, next to the lorry parking, only had to run a brush over their charges, strap on the protections, and lead them out to the lorries.

    "Kalishka, Vixen, Lillian, Angriff, Dragonfire, Bellator, Ravensglass, and Vetinari, you're in number one!" Rachel called out, consulting her clipboard. "Minerva, Sylvaine, Dragon, Everdale, Astrid, Battlespire, Iris and Atropos, number two! Greygarden's in the trailer with Vhaerys and Celestial, let's see if she can get those two to calm down. I don't want to have to unload them onto a rest stop again if I can help it!" She paused in her calls as Merry shambled her way over having loaded Kalishka into the lorry. She held up a hand, stalling the 'I told you so' that she knew was coming from her over-prepared wife.

    "Yes, you were right, we'll just board them overnight next time."

    "That would make this easier, yes," Rachel replied, shaking her head with a slight smile. She had been advocating for that ever since Merry had decided to enter horses in a show five hours away. "I've sent George to get Jenny up. Looks like the vibrating watch alarm wasn't enough this morning, but Sam got her horses up and ready for her so we're not behind schedule." Checking her watch, she seemed to make a decision. "Go do a coffee run for everyone. We have time for everyone to have a cup before we set off."

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    Approximately 5:20 A.M - August 17th, 2019

    "Crap, crap, crap. I am so dumb." I muttered to myself as I sped walk towards Tage's paddock. I had completely forgotten he had to be ready to be on a trailer for 6:00 A.M today. He is supposed to be going to attend a schooling show with one of my older students who wanted more hands on training with green horses and stallions. The only thing that reminded me was her text this morning that read:
    "I can't wait to show Tage today, he's been so good in lessons!! I'm excited to see how he is off property! : )"

    "Tage! Tage come here!" I yelled out as I approached the gate. I silently prayed that for once in his life he would listen and come towards me. Tage proceeded to look up from where he was grazing, give me his standard side eye and went back to grazing.

    "You're an overgrown foal I swear to God!" I huffed as I unlocked the gate.

    "Already a long day Ev?" My close friend and fellow trainer, Alyson, laughed as she walked by leading her personal mare, Kiera.

    "You already know." I sighed as I stepped inside the paddock.

    I shook the feed bucket I had with some of Tage's favourite treats in it.
    "Come here you stubborn horse." Sighing as I continued shaking the bucket and rubbing my temple with my other hand. My head is pounding and I haven't had any form of caffeine yet. I'm surprised I managed to get dressed properly.

    Tage noticed the bucket and immediately turned and began walking lazily towards me. Even though my mood was shot today, I couldn't help but smile and snap a picture of him. He may be a stubborn overgrown baby, but he is one of my favourite horses. He can never not make me smile and I will never not be proud of him.

  • PR Committee

    I forgot to update this since the past theme closed, but apparently this wasn't a popular theme anyway :sweat_smile:


    So with that one all wrapped up, here we go again with the new theme running from 29th August -19th September


    and the theme is... Underappreciated Member of Staff


    If anyone is struggling with ideas or specific content for your idea, just post in the chatter thread or send me a PM, I'm usually around to help out with anything. I hope you guys have fun with this :sparkle:

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    Adam a 16 year old teenager is often underestimated due to his irresponsibility.. He constantly forgets everything and cannot be serious, skips workouts and fools around. But he does a real show on the show, even on the most difficult horse this guy will go the route cleanly. When really need to do something important - he will do it and no matter how distracted he was a minute ago.

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    Time for another new theme; this one will run from 21st September-12th October


    and the theme is... Colourful


    If anyone is struggling with ideas or specific content for your idea, just post in the chatter thread or send me a PM, I'm usually around to help out with anything. I hope you guys have fun with this :rainbow:

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