[Ongoing] Random Theme Challenge

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    A new member of Volte Farms, Nettle S, enjoying some early morning turnout before the heat of the day.

  • Because Mornings Are Hard
    (No pics, sorry!)

    There were advantages to living on site, particularly when the Deacons provided their staff with cosy, well-furnished rooms. Of course, that made things difficult when the residents had to get up earlier than normal to get the horses to a show. Jenny Barton, in particular, was one such resident that wasn't a morning person.

    This was in rather stark contrast to Georgia Mason, one of the working students on the yard. Storming into the bedroom, she grabbed a plush horse from the top of the chest of drawers, lobbing it at Jenny's head before yanking the covers back. Jenny groaned, cracking one eye open to see Georgia signing furiously at her.

    "Get your arse out of bed, Barton! The horses need to be ready to load in 10 minutes!"

    Bolting upright, Jenny lunged for the night stand, managing to knock her hearing aids to the floor before snagging them, shoving them in just in time to hear Georgia say:

    "- I swear to god, Barton, Ray's already doing her nut so you'd better shift it!"

    There were times that Rachel's near-pathological need to organise came in useful, and early morning starts to shows was one of them. All of the tack and feed had been loaded into the lorries the night before, haynets stuffed, travel protections stacked outside the stables, and each horse's documentation collected into a neat wallet that sat on her desk ready to grab in the morning. It meant that the collection of half-asleep riders and grooms standing in the home ring, next to the lorry parking, only had to run a brush over their charges, strap on the protections, and lead them out to the lorries.

    "Kalishka, Vixen, Lillian, Angriff, Dragonfire, Bellator, Ravensglass, and Vetinari, you're in number one!" Rachel called out, consulting her clipboard. "Minerva, Sylvaine, Dragon, Everdale, Astrid, Battlespire, Iris and Atropos, number two! Greygarden's in the trailer with Vhaerys and Celestial, let's see if she can get those two to calm down. I don't want to have to unload them onto a rest stop again if I can help it!" She paused in her calls as Merry shambled her way over having loaded Kalishka into the lorry. She held up a hand, stalling the 'I told you so' that she knew was coming from her over-prepared wife.

    "Yes, you were right, we'll just board them overnight next time."

    "That would make this easier, yes," Rachel replied, shaking her head with a slight smile. She had been advocating for that ever since Merry had decided to enter horses in a show five hours away. "I've sent George to get Jenny up. Looks like the vibrating watch alarm wasn't enough this morning, but Sam got her horses up and ready for her so we're not behind schedule." Checking her watch, she seemed to make a decision. "Go do a coffee run for everyone. We have time for everyone to have a cup before we set off."

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    Approximately 5:20 A.M - August 17th, 2019

    "Crap, crap, crap. I am so dumb." I muttered to myself as I sped walk towards Tage's paddock. I had completely forgotten he had to be ready to be on a trailer for 6:00 A.M today. He is supposed to be going to attend a schooling show with one of my older students who wanted more hands on training with green horses and stallions. The only thing that reminded me was her text this morning that read:
    "I can't wait to show Tage today, he's been so good in lessons!! I'm excited to see how he is off property! : )"

    "Tage! Tage come here!" I yelled out as I approached the gate. I silently prayed that for once in his life he would listen and come towards me. Tage proceeded to look up from where he was grazing, give me his standard side eye and went back to grazing.

    "You're an overgrown foal I swear to God!" I huffed as I unlocked the gate.

    "Already a long day Ev?" My close friend and fellow trainer, Alyson, laughed as she walked by leading her personal mare, Kiera.

    "You already know." I sighed as I stepped inside the paddock.

    I shook the feed bucket I had with some of Tage's favourite treats in it.
    "Come here you stubborn horse." Sighing as I continued shaking the bucket and rubbing my temple with my other hand. My head is pounding and I haven't had any form of caffeine yet. I'm surprised I managed to get dressed properly.

    Tage noticed the bucket and immediately turned and began walking lazily towards me. Even though my mood was shot today, I couldn't help but smile and snap a picture of him. He may be a stubborn overgrown baby, but he is one of my favourite horses. He can never not make me smile and I will never not be proud of him.

  • PR Committee

    I forgot to update this since the past theme closed, but apparently this wasn't a popular theme anyway :sweat_smile:


    So with that one all wrapped up, here we go again with the new theme running from 29th August -19th September


    and the theme is... Underappreciated Member of Staff


    If anyone is struggling with ideas or specific content for your idea, just post in the chatter thread or send me a PM, I'm usually around to help out with anything. I hope you guys have fun with this :sparkle:

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    Adam a 16 year old teenager is often underestimated due to his irresponsibility.. He constantly forgets everything and cannot be serious, skips workouts and fools around. But he does a real show on the show, even on the most difficult horse this guy will go the route cleanly. When really need to do something important - he will do it and no matter how distracted he was a minute ago.

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  • PR Committee


    Time for another new theme; this one will run from 21st September-12th October


    and the theme is... Colourful


    If anyone is struggling with ideas or specific content for your idea, just post in the chatter thread or send me a PM, I'm usually around to help out with anything. I hope you guys have fun with this :rainbow:

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    ABRC Kantaya and Maze
    a difficult choice

  • Emilly & CREC Thunder, Cynthia & BHB Tesselate, Ashley & CREC British Lady
    All of our colorful heads!
    alt text

  • QST Odd Eye (Palomino Tobiano) and QST Diamond Sky (Grulla Snowflake)
    A Perfect Pair of Painted Pals Prancing in Their Preferred Pasture

  • PR Committee

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  • Headert




    Hey, it's better than my original idea, which was colourful language.
    But look! You get to see what some of stable scruffpots look like all jazzed up- except for Archie, who didn’t get the memo and stepped in front of the camera straight out of the office, Agatha, who lives in a perpetual state of jazzed up as it is, and Caleb, who insists he doesn’t remember how all those buttons came undone off camera, and swears- a bit too smugly?- that he was not responsible for it.
    I’ll not go on much; I only want to point out:

    • Everybody chose their own outfit except for Dot, who doesn’t own anything particularly nice. Eva ran her quickly down to The Pem. Cloth. Co. in the town centre and helped her pick up that little blue number, courtesy of Lowmax Stud.
                            + The entire debacle left Dot feeling exceedingly embarrassed before, during, and after the shoot.
    • How cute Eva looks when she climbs out of her office lady outfits!
    • One might have heard a pin drop when Cecilia walked onto the set
                            + Cecilia is not one for subtlety.
                                                   - In dress or in life.
                            + She’s also not the kind of girl you’d leave your boyfriend around if you wanted to have him back.
    • Yes. Caleb is in pink. He volunteered. And he thinks he’s pulling. it. off.
                            + And so do I.
                            + And yes, that is one of his [many] tattoos on his collarbone.
    • June, looking really very not like June at all.
                            + Also, she’s dyed her hair back to red. The blue was boring her.
    • Archie’s shirt matching the colour of his eyes, a trick his sisters have been encouraging him to use since they taught it to him.
                            + "Blue brings out blue, Baldie, and you’ve very pretty blue eyes. The girls will be throwing themselves at your feet."
                                                    - He's yet to procure the evidence to support their prediction.
                            + WCIF nice reading glasses for men?? Do such mythical things EXIST?
    • Agatha, harrumphing at all the hullabaloo and being my favourite
    • How much I love the red ribbon in Kendall's hair
                            + And the blue cowboy boots she paired with her dress, whose presence you were none the wiser about until now.
    • Yury doesn’t own anything not black, so he wore black.
                            + Unfortunately, the study was for colour, so his shots were discarded.
                            + More unfortunately, nine shots are so much easier to work with than ten.
                                                    -Sorry, Yury.
    • Roslynd and Helena were showing out of state and thus do not appear
    • Please excuse Bart’s declination to appear on camera. Despite an affinity for the space behind the camera, he himself is rather camera shy.


    I had a good bit of fun with this! Everyone was thoroughly overdue for a makeover (and to get in front of the camera) so it was a good kick in the rear to do something about it.
    I took over two hundred photographs for this challenge (I know) so expect to a few choice leftovers in my blog over the coming days, along with a bit more about each character, too. :slight_smile:

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  • PR Committee


    Thank you guys for entering, it was great to see so many entries <3 I hope you all had fun making them.
    So, with that all wrapped up it's time for another new theme; this one will run from 14th October-4th November.


    So this time I'm going to throw up two themes because as fun as themed pictures can be, there's also the Spooky Photo Contest you can enter; so feel free to use whichever theme you like - or both if you're full of energy and motivation, in which case please share some.


    and the first theme is... Bombproof
    On a little note about this - have you guys seen the videos some stables post online, where potential buyers ask how bombproof a horse is - can he be led from a quad bike, can he drag a dummy body, can he pull a sleigh in the arena, will he let a dog ride him etc. If anyone has seen these videos, please share the links on the chatter thread to give everyone some idea of what I'm failing to explain here. But of course you could show something entirely different, I just find those bombproof videos amusing and they could throw out a lot of potential ideas for this theme ;)


    and the second theme is unsurprisingly... Halloween
    If anyone is struggling with ideas or specific content for your idea, just post in the chatter thread or send me a PM, I'm usually around to help out with anything, and I do love a good CC hunt. I hope you guys have fun with these themes, but feel free to ask if something is unclear :maple_leaf: :ghost:

  • QST Black Suit
    I thought I had a Warmblood, not a Zebra! But I suppose, since it's Halloween, Joker can be a Zebra if he wants to

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