[Ongoing] Random Theme Challenge {Chatter Thread}

  • PR Committee

    Sure, you can see the submission list here :) I really am happy to extend the timeframe per theme, I just need some suggestions on what type of timeframe is better for people but since it's going to be a long challenge anyway I don't mind making each theme last longer to give people more time to enter

    Edit 24th May - I'm going to up the timeframe to three weeks per theme, just to make sure everyone has plenty of chance if they do wish to enter, especially with other challenges and shows running alongside too <3

  • I am having trouble locating the form to submit more theme ideas, can that get posted somewhere in bold for me?

  • PR Committee

    I think I mentioned in the main thread, but anyone wanting to submit more themes is welcome to do so by PM or message me on slack. I took down the original form because I felt we have plenty of themes to start off with but anyone is welcome to message me more ideas :slight_smile:

  • Would it be possible to have a day or two extension on the current theme? I want to put up a pic but my game's being a butt!

  • PR Committee

    @Rachel-Deacon Sure! I can leave it until Wednesday 3rd before I switch over to a new theme <3

  • Thank you! :heart:

  • Maybe this is a dumb question, since usually this is against the rules in any challenge, but is there any chance I could posts photos I made a week or so ago for the beach theme? I've already posted them on here in my blog, but they fit the theme perfectly

  • PR Committee

    @Marquis-Moulin I'd rather pictures were new and created specifically for each theme; that's sort of the whole point of the challenge really, to join in and find ideas that suit each theme. But I actually don't have a rule about older pictures being used so if your desperate to enter and don't want to make a new entry then I guess there's no harm in you doing so :slight_smile:

  • @Callixta-Rosella cool! If you’d rather I not thats totally fine :smile: its not a big deal

  • Really silly questions, do these have to have horses in them?

  • PR Committee

    @Veola-Loveless Nope; there's no rules about having to have sims or any type of pixel pets included in any theme, you can post just a scenery picture or just a story inspired by the theme :)

  • @Callixta-Rosella thank you! I'm thankful this is the case, I just finished taking pictures and none have horses lol

  • PR Committee

    Just as a heads up, I've extended the current Beach Vibes theme until the 31st due to the forum downtime :)

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