I'm new to these forums. Money question...

  • I'm sorry to ask, if in fact this was already written somewhere else. But how exactly is currency dealt with on this forum? How would I go about getting ES money to purchase horses, markings, custom made items on this site.
    I see many horses for sale, and I have no idea what money is used to purchase them. Does it require real money to purchase "points?" Thank you all~

  • Also, where would I find my crator ID?

  • Money: You should have money on the Mane Site, here. I'm not sure of the amount you get when you start an account.

    Creator ID: Is your profile number on the Mane Site.
    Mine is equus.community/profile.php?id=4226

    Have you registered on the MS?

  • I just sent in an application for that one. Do you guys have several main sites? I keep thinking I need to sign up for several different ones. But they all seem to lead to the same website.

  • We only have the one, https://equus.community/index.php

  • Ok interesting. I didn't know you had that other main site. Cool, I just applied.
    Does the information have to be the same for that site and this one?

  • Yes, everything has to match.

  • Oh crap. Well I used a different username. I didn't know.

  • I know the names have to match. I thought the username was the name you used? I'm not sure

  • I think out of confusion I created a different username for the main site. I used my stable name by accident. Where's on here i'm Ivory

  • I'm sure one of the admin will come here and you can tell them. No big deal

  • Alrighty. :)

  • PR Committee

    The username for the main site doesn't have to match the username on the forum. The first and last names have to match though.

  • Wow, I had these same questions when I joined and I couldn't find any answers to them. I'm glad we now have a response for other people who are also confused.

  • @Eden-Matzner Do you need any help with anything?

  • Moderation Committee

    If you guys need any help, you are more than welcome to message me :heart:

  • @Veola-Loveless Actually yes, how do people normally send horses to each other because of all the cc. Does the person have to know all the cc they used or do they send it with the cc somehow?

  • It depends, most of us have collected bunch of CC over the years.

    I personally can't sent my markings, when I sell horses, because i have them merged with custom ones, but there are a few members, who sometimes do so.
    Otherwise you need to try to track them down. Most of the time the seller will help you with that if possible.

  • @Eden-Matzner Some marking markers have custom thumbnails in CAS. So if you use those, it's easier to find them to send to others. I personally just guess :laughing: You can always post an image of the horse/marking on here and someone will recognize it.

  • PR Committee

    There's the database here where most older markings can still be found and downloaded (although it hasn't been updated in a while) and newer markings you'll find here in the shop section on the forum. So for the most part, trying to track markings down isn't the worst thing in the world.
    For things like shaders, detail markings people tend to use the same ones but also keep in mind that different HD mods can affect the way a horse looks. I use a custom made one so horses in my game will look different in someone else's game. Most sales / trades allow the new owner to adjust shine markings or replace them because everyone has different preferences and again people may have custom ones, but as Veola said some markings have a custom thumbnail so they are easy to find and also to know who made them for the new owner to download too.
    If the new owner is struggling to find a specific marking that can't be replaced for whatever reason then there's a WCIF board on the forum where they can get help and also cc-finds channel on slack where members will try and help with tracking something down :relaxed:

  • @Jase-Sunshine That makes sense. I just was wondering how they avoid having some weird looking horses with not cc when they are transferred from game to game. I have a ton of cc (1,300 files 940 mb) so I guess chances are I will have most of the cc to make them look normal. I love making horses from reference photos and trying to match them as close as possible so I think I will make money with that, so your information is really helpful. Thanks for your responses, I really love this community

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