[FOUND] Jumper stallion for BIY

  • Hello! :D I'm looking for a stallion that offers pedigree points for my mare, SBS Dahlia. She is currently untitled (1 point away from a title, and still competing,) but her foal will receive +3 from her sire and dam. I'm not picky about the breed, but I would like a stallion with color (cream, tobiano, etc). I'm willing to pay a fair price, but I'd like to stay under $15,000, as I am creating the foal. PM me or leave a reply below if you have anything, thanks! :D

    Mare's Confo

    This has been found, thank you all for your replies! :D

  • I have my boy DMS Eclipse I can offer you! He's a Buckskin Belgian Warmblood who has 113 points in Jumper and 151 in Eventing. He's second generation (But I'm not 100% sure if the foal will get grandparent bonuses). The foal could be registered as a Dutch Warmblood I believe :smile:

    I can provide photos on request - I haven't fully gotten him into my game yet so :laughing:

  • PR Committee

    I have a couple stallions you could use if you are still looking.

    Abraxas WM is my most popular stud. He's sitting at 132 points in show jumping.(18 points away from national title). He gives a +3 pedigree bonus. His stud fee would be around 12k.

    Konstellation T is up for public stud right now. He has 55 points in show jumping but a decent pedigree giving him a +8 bonus from his pedigree and +2 from his own title. His stud fee is 10k.

    PM or DM me on slack if you're interested :).

  • I do not know if it's what you're looking for ... but I offer my stallion HCF Polka Dot Dream. He's a black leopard British Warmblood with 47 points in Show Jumping and 22 points in Eventing. He is active, so he will get some more bonuses.

    He is available at this time for 2k (BIY price).

    Stud Service | Crownguard's Stud

    I also have a chestnut stallion (Dutch Warmblood) with 71 points in Show Jumping (gives 2 bonus).

  • I have a stallion called EWE Starhawk, it's a Swedish Warmblood and his coat is chestnut. He has 86 points in Show Jumping and 61 in dressage. The foal recives +2 in SJ, and +2 in D. His stud fee is 6k

    PM if you are interested :)

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