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    We got a new horse! Or basically we got a new horse in training at Kilborn Training Center. As we said goodbye to Sex on Fire we thought we oughta say hello to a new horse, and that horse is Leikur! He is a young Icelandic Horse who couldn't handle the pressure of competing in Icelandic Competitions. So we have taken him with the purpose of training him a little slower, so he can maybe make a rider somewhere very happy as a little dressage horse or something like that.
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  • OMG I just looove him :heart_eyes:

  • Aww what a cutie :heart:

    And that's very true. They say you can tell that a man is old, when I walk over the puddle instead of walking through it.
    ANYHOW! We got a lot of new faces at the stable. Five new ponies to be exact, but I will not be showing them all today, as it is five new faces and that's quite a lot to show in just one go. Hence why I am almost showing them off one by one. First one up is Kilborn's Red Hot Chilipepper, a mare with a lot of personality. She is a true hot-head, but it's nothing our new rider Tiana Jensen can't handle.
    As you can see Tiana is only a child, but we had to find some young riders, as our five new ponies are all Shetlandsponies, so we got to the local riding school and found two brave, young riders to handle the ponies - Tiana Jensen was one of them.
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    The other one is Rupert Smith. He is around 12 years old, and a great judge of character in horses and humans too. He is good at handling the younger horses, as he has a much calmer attitude than Tiana; she is better with the hot-headed horses. That's why he is handling our young, raw Perlino-stallion Kilborn's Cream Puff, at this picture.
    He is really good with the young stallion, who has tried nothing but living wild with other stallions and some geldings too. He has not been handled a lot, and was a big challenge to work with, to begin with. But once Rupert had gained his trust, he was really great to work with.
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    A little happy mare, named, after Kilborn's Cream Puff (a Perlino stallion) and Kilborn's Red Flare (a Red Dun mare). She herself is a Dunalino (ee aa nCr Dd).
    She is very sweet but a little shy. Doesn't like to get too fare away from her mom. Scared of some stuff, but is getting a lot better. She likes cats though.
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    Applause is a sneaky little bastard. She sneaks in everywhere she can fit, and sometimes we can't even find her, because she is lost somewhere. But luckily her mother, Kilborn's Amona, can always find her. We just say 'find appy' to her, and she will find Applause.
    She is a Chestnut Splash (ee aa Gg nSpl), but because her dad Kilborn's Gammelsmoelf is a grey, we decided to test her for it, and it says that she is a grey too. So eventually she will grey out, at some point at least, which is a little sad, as her colour is kind of amazing.
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    When handling he is very nice, there is of course the hormones, but he get better at ignoring the mares, as he sees them every day. He can be touched everywhere, as good with the blacksmith, and loves going on rides (not ridden of course) with his mom, Kilborn's Red Hot Chilipepper.
    He really likes dogs, and has no problems with other stallions nor geldings. He is a Chestnut Tobiano with Flax (ee Aa nZ nT).
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  • They’re so cute 😍

  • Chubby ponies! How cute :heart:

  • When I saw them I was like "oh no" because I knew that the level of cuteness in that post was about to drown me :rofl:
    Such cute babs!

  • @Lauren-Goldtree Well thank you! I pretty happy with how they look too :D

    @Annalena-Voigt Totally chubby! I love them chunky <3

    @Lidija-Rotherford Yas! Especially pony foals are extra cute :heart_eyes:

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