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    • We breed Dutch Warmblood and Mongolian Horses.
    • Based in Scandinavia and Great Britain
    • Over main focus is Show Jumping and Flat Racing!


    Regina Walker 25 y/o Thomas Corbett 47 y/o Idina Corbett 45 y/o Eva Evans 38 y/o
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    Lana Evans 36 y/o Evano Evans 34 y/o Smile Rogers 35 y/o Erica Noe 27 y/o
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    Bellatrix King 25 y/o Amelia Lee-Taylor 23 y/o Emma Corbett 22 y/o Rupert Smith 12 y/o
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    Tiana Jensen Name Name Name
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    Kilborn's Xcalibur ES Rodhaette Kilborn's Top Notch Kilborn's Top Gear
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    Kilborn's Calimo Kilborn's Top Form SW Chamane Kilborn's Ostrogoth
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    Kilborn's Acorn Kilborn's Arabella Kilborn's Dior Kilborn's Sheriff Swan
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    Kilborn's Rublo Kilborn's Name Kilborn's Name Kilborn's Name
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    Kilborn's Deputy Flyer Kilborn's Agent Cassidy Kilborn's Making Cinnamon Kilborn's Name
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    SME Happy Endings Kilborn's Tripper Kilborn's Coconut Kilborn's Scotch N' Soda
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    Kilborn's Cream Puff Kilborn's Red Hot Chilipepper Kilborn's Mary-Ann Kilborn's Gammelsmoelf
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    It was a friday morning, when a temporary stablehand, gone rider, took TLF Limited Edition out for a ride. It was supposed to be show jumping-training, as you can see on his tack, but the stablehand was a little nervous about riding him. He was very energetic and jumpy, and I think she got a little scared. But after a while she had him under control again - him behaving like a true gentleman.
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    Who says boys can't wear pink? That was actually something my stablehand Emma said yesterday. I just laughed at her, but agreed to some point. But the same night I was at a horse tack website, and found the most beautiful tack-set. There was only one problem; it was in pink and only pink!
    So I decided to buy it for Thala (neé Kilborn's Thala), because I thought she would look good in pink. But o-boy I was sooo wrong! She looked like a prune, and I decided to not let it be all for nothing, and put it on Killer (neé Kilborn's Lady Killer). He looked very grumpy at first, but it was just a coincidence.
    He looked dashing when he cantered around, even though Emma had a hard time taking picture, because she laughed her ass of while taking them, haha!
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    Maybe you think: "What is KTC? I though the stable was called KRC?" Don't get confused any longer! KTC is what we call our training barn (= Kilborn Training Center), when we talk about it in everyday conversation. Mostly because it's a lot easier. At other times we called in Training Barn, but KTC is very much shorter.
    Anyways, that wasn't what I wanted to talk about. The point is that we have gotten the first two horses for the training stable. It's the plan that KTC is for training horses up, and selling them again. Mostly we will buy young horses, break them in, training them in whatever discipline that is suited for them and then sell them to a new stable.
    Most of the horses who comes here, who are older than 3-7 year old, are cheap problem-horses. We solve their problems, and if we can't we keep them at our stable.
    The ''newbies'' I was talking about are two horses. The first one is a grey Shetlandspony called Gammelsmoelf (Papa Smurf in Danish), he is a keeper for sure, at least for some time, since he is only 2 years old. He is born black, his owner says, but is greying out little by little.
    The other one is an oddball. Her name is Mary-Ann and she is an American Bashkir Curly, and has been a broodmare all her life. Her coat is curled, and she is so fluffy and soft! She is 8 years old, and ready for a life as a showhorse, since she has rejected her two last foals, so the stable had to feed them themselves. And that isn't really durable on the long run.
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    Ok, he is pretty ugly now, but he is also cute. I hope he's gonna be a beautiful gelding, when he is full grown! He is only two years old after all, but he isn't as spindly as I feared, when I was told that someone has donated a two year old yearling as company for our training horses.
    I think he is what we call a pleasant surprise. I'm very excited to figure out how much he will grey out, and if he will become a almost white grey with age. He is a Black (Grey) Splashed White btw., but has White Suppression, so the splash-gen is only showed with his sky-blue eyes.
    Anyhow, it's storytime: Gammelsmoelf didn't have a name when a Animal-Resque-Organization found him in an old barn, only with a big and very skinny warmblood stallion to keep him company. They had been in there a while, and Smoelfy was so very skinny (can you even imagine? He is so fat now, lol!).
    Inside the main house of the stable they found Smoelfy's owner dead, a very old man died of a heart-attack. At first, because Smoelfy was so skinny and so very dirty and grey, the ARO thought they had found a very old horse, which is why they named him Gammelsmoelf (read: Papa Smurf in Danish). But then a vet looked at his teeth and decided he was more like two years old than an old horse.
    The other horse they couldn't safe, because she was all too skinny, and had to be put down. But Smoelfy survived, and was given to us, because they had a hard time finding a home for a Shetlandspony. They also gelded him, to make it easier to find a home for him. That home they found in Kilborn Training Center.
    Not being ready to be broken in we first declined him, but when we realized he could be company for stallions, because he wasn't dominant in his behavior, but at the same time didn't take shit from anybody. So here we are, month later, and we are training the little gelding to be well-manered and a good pony. He is great company for some of our horses in training, and loves being groomed!
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    Ok. We got another horse to the stable. We don't think anyone will be interested in buying him, as he is a French Trotter, but 3 years old and a little too old to start racing with. Anyhow he is a quite brilliant show jumper, but he has had leg-problems due to being started at jumping too early. Hopefully his legs will get better as he is not lame anymore.
    We think that with leg strengthening training he will be able to jump again. Hopefully very soon, but if not, we will train him in dressage and make him ready for competing again. I don't think he will be a popular horse to buy, but if anyone wants him, and can give him a good life, we will be willing to sell him for very little, as he isn't worth much.
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    Anyhow... he meet Mooney (read: KTC Gunsmoke N' Metal) in the field, but Mooney wasn't really interested in him, so I think they will do just fine. At least Mooney didn't attack Fire (read: KTC Sex on Fire), so it's all good. But Fire is also very submissive, so I guess he will become good friends with the dominant Mooney.
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    This is Mooney. Ok that's not his name. His real name is Gunsmoke n' Metal, but Mooney sounds a lot more cute, so that's what we call him, lol. Anyhow. He came to us just this morning. It was raining like crazy, but he had a blanket on, so he didn't get that wet, but Emma kind of did.
    Anyhow, Mooney got into the barn, and into his stall, and started to try and bite Gammelsmoelf, but to his defense, Smoelf bit him too. After that he smelled Mary-Ann and got a little calmer. She is kind of a mother figure for most of our horses, even though she has only been here for a short period of time.
    (I don't know why she looks light like this, someone who knows?)
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    It was a day I felt like riding. So I got the sweet Mary-Ann out of the barn, tacked her up and brought her to the arena. She has of course been ridden before, but it has been years since she last had a rider on her back, and she is really fat, so I took it slow. Normally I don't ride the training-horses, but I really, really like Mary-Ann and felt a need to be the first one on her back.
    She was really fine to ride. Her balance wasn't great, but we ended up with some steps of cantering on a straight line, to make it easy for her. But she really wanted to turn quite a lot, so I let her and tried to support her as much as possible, so she didn't fall.
    Anyhow... everything went very well, and she was great. I'm already looking forward to her having more balance, so I can introduce her to jumping. I'm sure she will like it. I have never ridden a curly before, so that was a new experience. She is quite compact, and it's almost like riding an Icelandic Horse or a Fjord, just tall like a 'real' horse.
    I hope she can make a rider happy when she is up for grabs in mid June, early July.
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    Ok. Kato (read: Kilborn's Xato) isn't a big show jumper, but he thinks it's a little fun, as long as the obstacles isn't too big. He actually like this kind of exercise, and he gets more stamina and a better canter after he has done it. He is kind of great. Even if he isn't good at it, he tries anyways. He got lots of carrots afterwards, because he was so good!
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    I kind of had lots to do all day, and had ridden almost all our horses in the stable, but I don't have pictures of all of it. Anyways, Emma took some pictures of Lille (read: TLF Limited Edition) and I, when I demonstrated for her how you ride with cordeo.
    Lille was a tryout, and afterwards Emma tried ridding him a little with it. Didn't go that well, so I took over the powerful stallion and showed her how to again. Ended up with me almost falling of Lille's back, and then hugging him, because it wasn't his fault. I need to train my balance, lol.
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    Ok, a new day, right? The time has come where Mooney has to get someone on his back. He has been a sweetheart most of the time, but is pretty nervous and has a hard time accepting anything new. So we knew it was going to be a challenge to break him in. We didn't know that, when we bought him, but at least we have gotten to know him a lot better since then.
    Anyways; Emma put on his tack (we have trained that a lot, so it wasn't a problem), and I prepared him for what to come, by talking to him. I find that it calms horses' nerves, and my own too!, so I keep doing it, even though they of course don't understand what I say to them. But it calmed Emma a little too, which was the most important part of it. I can't have a nervous rider mounting a young horse for the first time, because then it's doomed.
    So Emma got to lay on his back, without touching the reins, and I held onto the rope, if he was to move in any way. I didn't want him to experience his rider falling of off him, at his first time with someone on his back.
    The strange thing was that his only reaction was looking at her in a weird way, and then just stand like nothing was happening. She of course gave him a small piece of apple, and then they were good friends. But we didn't go any further, because I didn't want him to be spooked but having Emma completely on his back. That's a thing for next time!
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    This is another Mooney-update, as the title suggests. Anyways, because Emma is still young and actually in school some days a week, her dad is with us too, as he is her replacement. His name is Thomas Corbett, and he is a quiet one, but he is a very good rider. He has a calm approach towards horses, and we thought he would be the perfect rider for Mooney (KTC Gunsmoke N' Metal).
    I went out with him and Mooney, as this was the first time Mooney was mounted properly, and I wanted to see how it went. Thomas led him to the stool, and mounted him and everything was fine and well. He just sat there for a little while petting Mooney, and the stallion panted over-excitedly.
    He got a small piece of apple from Thomas, and then I turned my back to them to call for my dogs Felix, as he want into the arena, which he knows he can't do, but sometimes do anyway. Bottom lines is; Mooney got spooked by the dog, and reared up with Thomas on his back. Thomas is a very experienced ride, so he just lent forward and gave the stallion as much rein as he could, and waited for him to calm down, but ended up getting bucked off in the end anyways.
    When Thomas got up again, on Mooney, the stallion looked pained and reared up again, but Thomas held on tight this time and stayed on his back. I became a little worried though, because I could see pain in Mooney's eyes, and I told Thomas to bring him inside. I think Thomas accidentally kick Mooney's back as he got bucked off, so I wanted to check if everything was ok with him.
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    We got inside, and I tried to touch his back, but he tried to bite me, something he has NEVER done before. I felt around a little, and found a spot that was very tender. Possibly the spot Thomas accidentally kicked when he fell of off the horse.
    So I have called our very talented horse masseuse and chiropractor Carol to go through him and figure out if everything is as it should be. It is possible that it's just a little tender, but nothing is wrong, but I don't wanna take the chance and give Mooney bad riding experience. I would rather call Carol, and let her look at him.
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    We got a new horse in the stable! Say hello to Top Notch (read: Kilborn's Top Notch)! We bought him in the Nederlands, as he is a Dutch Warmblood, actually from the same stable as we bought Maverick Merlot (Kilborn's Maverick Merlot) from. That's a little cool. He is an Bay Roan Tobiano Sabino, and I really think he is quite beautiful.
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  • What an outstanding colour this pretty boy has :heart_eyes:

  • @Annalena-Voigt said in Kilborn Riding Center | P. 1 New Horse! |:

    What an outstanding colour this pretty boy has :heart_eyes:

    Well thank you! <3

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    As Fire (read. KTC Sex on Fire) is a very frisky horse, I decided that Thomas should try riding him only in his halter and a rope. Just to see if we could get him to calm down a little, and be easier to ride, as he is a runner and are sensitive for the rider's legs as well. He will run by the slightest touch of legs. I guess that's something he has learned, when he was taught jumping.
    Anyways, he is difficult to ride, as he will run for no reason and be very hard to stop again, but he behaved quite well only in rope and halter. He ran a few times, but Thomas did, as the experienced rider he is, manage to stop him again. We 'just' gotta teach him to not run. Or at least be easier to stop again after running.
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    Today I got Ricky (read: Kilborn's Maverick Merlot) out for a little round of show jumping. Why, you may ask, and I can answer that: because I'm not a show jumper myself. I need some training, and as Ricky is the calmest horse at the stable I decided I would take him. Ok, not the calmest, but he is easiest to ride, as he is very gentle.
    Anyway I got him you and started to warm him up. Doing a little dressage, as he has to work on that. He is very shy and easily spooked in a dressage arena, as he has not been worked like that a lot. He is still young, and hasn't tried a lot yet, besides Show Jumping. That he can do, and really good I must say.
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    He got spooked a lot while warming up, but as soon as I gave him the sign to canter and stirred him towards the obstacle he was calm and all ears.
    That's weird how a horse can have two so different sides. But at least I got a little better at jumping. Maybe I should take lessons from Thomas (read: Thomas Corbett) some time, because he is pretty good at what he is doing, and has been doing it for a long, long time afterall.
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    Thoroughbreds and Staff

    Well... some of the staff. This is Bellatrix King and 'her' horse Kilborn's Making Rainbows, called Rain. She is a new thoroughbred in the stable, just got her some days ago. Bella took her out for a ride, and at the picture she is just checking if everything is good after a good ride. She is checking up on her legs, as she doesn't want her to be swollen or hurt.
    They will be competing for the first time in Cavallo Open, alongside our little more experienced horses Kilborn's Agent Eighty Six and Kilborn's Taylor's Girl, and more experienced riders like Smile Rogers and Erica Noe.
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    The second new horse today is Kilborn's Deputy Flyer, and he is today handlet by Amelia Lee-Taylor. Normally his groom and handler is Bella, but Bella was riding Rain, so she had to do the handling of the colt for the picture. Deputy is 1 y/o, and very dirty from being in the rain and mud today. He is wearing a blanket today, because it was raining and pretty cold, and he has really thin skin. He has to be not fed right at his old home, but we will get him all better soon.
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  • Wow, you've already posted a ton of lovely pictures and stories! You have pretty horses, and I looks forward to seeing more of your stable's happenings :smile:

  • @Alexander-Westerberg Yeah, I got a shit-load of pictures and stories in here, but noone seeems to wanna comment on my blog anyways, so I'm just glad you are doing it <3

  • I love the stories you tell! Your horses and sims are very pretty too <3 Maverick Merlot is stunning :heart_eyes:

  • @Kira-Kita Thank you so very much! Merlot is just the best! I really like myself some Sabino stallions! :D But I gotta say my favorites are Making Rainbows, Deputy Flyer and Arabella right now. But glad you have a favorite of mine! <3

    I have put up some of my horses for sale! :D

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