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    First foal up is the first foal of Kilborn's Arabella and Kilborn's Deputy Flyer's daughter Kilborn's Sheriff Swan. This foal is after our young stallion Kilborn's Ostrogoth (out of the lines of Attila and Kilborn's Carrica). This foal is named Kilborn's Sheriff Granger, and will be the first of our mares used for breeding, who isn't bay (All the others are xD).
    Sheriff Granger is a beautiful little filly. She has a good temper, liking almost all horses, big and small. She is Dutch Warmblood as her parents, and Black in colour (Ee aa). She likes to play with the other foals born this year.
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    The other foal from this part is yet another bay. We kinda get a lot of those, as all our broodmares are bay in some way. He is a colt and after Kilborn's Dior and Kilborn's Calimo. His name is Kilborn's Nike. He is a lil' runner, always running around irritating the mares and giving his mother a headache.
    Even if I said he is bay, he is actually more than that. We have colourtested him, and now we know that he will grey out (Ee Aa Gg) at some point - like his mother.
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  • Your broodmares have been busy this season. Such cute, little guys.

  • Sheriff granger has to be the cutest filly ever.
    You have had so many babies born this year. :)

  • @Anna-Foster Haha, can't really call it "this season" when these are the only foals born in 2020 xD

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    This is Kilborn's Maleficent. She is born out of AR White Wolf and CRC Mellania, which is obviously not my horses but @Irene-Duarte's. She is a Dutch Warmblood mare of the colour Black Splash, but will eventually grey out (Ee aa Gg nSpl), sadly, as she has a really lovely colour!
    She is a filly and likes to run around with her fieldmate Kilborn's Top Cat. She will be a future competitor and eventually a broodmare, when she has owned herself some points!
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    This is the fourth generator of Top-horses. Her father is Kilborn's Top Form, her grandpa is Kilborn's Top Gear and her great-grandpa is Kilborn's Top Notch! And finally we had other than Bay Roans and stalllions. This filly is Blue Roan (Ee aa Rr), and different from all the other Top-horses, bc of her colour.
    She is a Dutch Warmblood, and ofc she should have a Top-name too, so please welcome Kilborn's Top Cat! Future competitor and broodmare!
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  • They both are so rare and beautiful! Congrats

  • @Aurora-Bianchi Thank you! :D

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    Today Smile was out training some of the horses, who has grown up and are ready to be ridden. Today's picture are of this beautiful stallion, Ostrogoth called Goth, who doesn't like the bit. So we are using the hackamore on him, until we have found a trainer who has experience with this, or find a bit he likes. Smile was ridding him today. It was his first time without a saddle, but we are taking it slow. Smile is an old dressage rider, on very high level, so she has experience with staying on the horse no matter what the horse does, so she felt safe without saddle too. And Goth seemed to like the freeer style :)
    STARRING: Smile Rogers and Kilborn's Ostrogoth.
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  • Ostrogoth is such a lovely shade. Poor guy not liking a bit, hopefully you find the right trainer for him

  • OK

    Ok I am not that active and I have all but too many horses! I will be re-boosting this blog by telling small stories about one of our new riders and her horses. I hope that can bring back my joy of taking pictures, editing and storytelling :D

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    This is the new horse at the stable that I have talked about earlier, but never got pictures of. But well here he is! He is a mix of a Knabstrup and a Draft horse (I don't know which breed yet) and he is sooo cute! He is not that heavy, but definitely not light either. He will, hopefully, be competing in Cross Country and such, when his rider gets here. There will be pictures of his rider's other horse soon, I hope!
    Oh! And please help me find a name for this gelding! <3
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  • @Regina-Walker Wonderful guy! <3

  • Omg he's perfect, definitely the perfect amount of feather haha

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