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  • @Annalena-Voigt said in Kilborn Riding Center | P. 1 New Horse! |:

    What an outstanding colour this pretty boy has :heart_eyes:

    Well thank you! <3

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    As Fire (read. KTC Sex on Fire) is a very frisky horse, I decided that Thomas should try riding him only in his halter and a rope. Just to see if we could get him to calm down a little, and be easier to ride, as he is a runner and are sensitive for the rider's legs as well. He will run by the slightest touch of legs. I guess that's something he has learned, when he was taught jumping.
    Anyways, he is difficult to ride, as he will run for no reason and be very hard to stop again, but he behaved quite well only in rope and halter. He ran a few times, but Thomas did, as the experienced rider he is, manage to stop him again. We 'just' gotta teach him to not run. Or at least be easier to stop again after running.
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    Today I got Ricky (read: Kilborn's Maverick Merlot) out for a little round of show jumping. Why, you may ask, and I can answer that: because I'm not a show jumper myself. I need some training, and as Ricky is the calmest horse at the stable I decided I would take him. Ok, not the calmest, but he is easiest to ride, as he is very gentle.
    Anyway I got him you and started to warm him up. Doing a little dressage, as he has to work on that. He is very shy and easily spooked in a dressage arena, as he has not been worked like that a lot. He is still young, and hasn't tried a lot yet, besides Show Jumping. That he can do, and really good I must say.
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    He got spooked a lot while warming up, but as soon as I gave him the sign to canter and stirred him towards the obstacle he was calm and all ears.
    That's weird how a horse can have two so different sides. But at least I got a little better at jumping. Maybe I should take lessons from Thomas (read: Thomas Corbett) some time, because he is pretty good at what he is doing, and has been doing it for a long, long time afterall.
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    Thoroughbreds and Staff

    Well... some of the staff. This is Bellatrix King and 'her' horse Kilborn's Making Rainbows, called Rain. She is a new thoroughbred in the stable, just got her some days ago. Bella took her out for a ride, and at the picture she is just checking if everything is good after a good ride. She is checking up on her legs, as she doesn't want her to be swollen or hurt.
    They will be competing for the first time in Cavallo Open, alongside our little more experienced horses Kilborn's Agent Eighty Six and Kilborn's Taylor's Girl, and more experienced riders like Smile Rogers and Erica Noe.
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    The second new horse today is Kilborn's Deputy Flyer, and he is today handlet by Amelia Lee-Taylor. Normally his groom and handler is Bella, but Bella was riding Rain, so she had to do the handling of the colt for the picture. Deputy is 1 y/o, and very dirty from being in the rain and mud today. He is wearing a blanket today, because it was raining and pretty cold, and he has really thin skin. He has to be not fed right at his old home, but we will get him all better soon.
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  • Wow, you've already posted a ton of lovely pictures and stories! You have pretty horses, and I looks forward to seeing more of your stable's happenings :smile:

  • @Alexander-Westerberg Yeah, I got a shit-load of pictures and stories in here, but noone seeems to wanna comment on my blog anyways, so I'm just glad you are doing it <3

  • I love the stories you tell! Your horses and sims are very pretty too <3 Maverick Merlot is stunning :heart_eyes:

  • @Kira-Kita Thank you so very much! Merlot is just the best! I really like myself some Sabino stallions! :D But I gotta say my favorites are Making Rainbows, Deputy Flyer and Arabella right now. But glad you have a favorite of mine! <3

    I have put up some of my horses for sale! :D

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    Goodbye Fire

    Today we have just said goodbye to one of our horses. Not a sad goodbye, as noone is dead, but goodbye because he got leased out to someone. As some of you maybe can see the horse in question is KTC Sex on Fire. He has been lent to Kira Kita, as she needed a horse, and Fire needed a home.
    He is there to teach her to jump, and compete with her at some time. I don't know if she wanna buy him at some point, but if she wanna, she will be welcome to do so. But until then, he is only leased.
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    FOALCROP MAY (I know I'm late!)

    We got a few foals last month, and I totally forgot to show them of! It's one Dutch Warmblood, one Knabstrup Sports Horse and two thoroughbreds!

    Montesiepi, called Pippi, is a very loving, sociable and open-minded young colt. He shows very good social behavior, as he grows up in a herd of young colts. He is Chestnut Leopard (ee aa nLp)​ colt, and has no problem with being tied up or being alone, as he is very independent. His parents are the newest addition to the stable: ES Rodhaette (I actually made this mare a long time ago, so it was nice to get her back!), and his father is Kilborn's Xcalibur.
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    Agent Falkirk, called Kirk, is an interesting young colt, as his is born out of two pretty excellent racers, Kilborn's Agent Eighty Six and Kilborn's Making Rainbows. The plans for the colt is show jumping beside racing, the same as his parents are doing. He is a little Bay (EE AA) colt. Young and with a lot of attitude.
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    Top Gear, called Gary in the stable, is a very well moving, inquisitive stallion, with a lot of energy. He is a Bay Roan (EE AA Rr), and a colt. He picks up everything very well, and are easily handlet by almost anyone. He really loves his mommy, and does not like to be too far away from her though. He is bred from Kilborn's Arabella and Kilborn's Top Notch.
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    Twilight Zone, Twiggy, is a beautiful racer, ready for trying racing herself in a few years. A real eye-catcher with a coat to die for. Even if she is only an ordinary Bay (Ee Aa), she looks really great. She has three outstanding gaits, with a phenomenal and fast canter. Another foal after Kilborn's Agent Eighty Six, and of course, with a new mare: Kilborn's Taylor's Girl.
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  • these foals are to die for! i love their conformation and gary's coat is :100: :ok_hand_tone1:

  • @Emilia-Fox Thank you! I'm pretty satisfied myself, especially with Gary, as I normally suck at making Roans, but I somehow hit the spot with him. I don't know how I did it actually xD

  • Such cute babies! :heart_eyes:

  • @Miranda-Gage Thank you! I looove my babies a lot, even though I will have to sell some, as I can't keep them all :'(

  • So if anyone wants one of the foals, please PM me or write to me on Slack! <3

  • Ooooh, I'm lovin these foal crops like no other :heart_eyes: Beautiful coats on these little snoots! Top Gear is absolutely stunning, I have a soft spot for roans lol. Can't wait to see more!

  • Pretty Babs! Especially that little Roan!

  • @Catriona-O'connolly Thank you! I'm so glad that you and people like them! They are so lovely and cute, I just love foals myself <3

    @Ashton-Mills Haha, I think so too! He is my favorite :heart_eyes:

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    We got new ladies! I have decided to breed Shetlandsponies, or at least have them and compete with them, and I have two new mares and a stallion with no name (not shown on the picture). I need a name for the Red Dun mare (on the left). She is kind of piggy but a real fast runner, and a dream in front of a carriage/waggon (whatever, I don't know the name in English, lol).
    The horse in the middle is our gelding Gammelsmoelf, he is getting a little whiter every day, and I'm sure he will be all white next year. He is really greying out. The other mare I need a name for is the one on the right. She is a Black Tobiano. She is a little shy, but her love for small kids are endless. She likes them because they are so small, and much easier to manage, she thinks.
    The last one I need a name for has no picture, yet! He is a Perlino stallion with beautiful blue eyes. He is very young and hasn't been ridden yet, as he has been free in a field with other young stallions and geldings all his life. His gonna be a real handful, when he gets to the stable, but I think he will do just fine. After all he is only 3 years old.
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