Silver Lining Stables|Umagoya [Kibou no Hikari] Coming Back

  • Thank you Yu-Mi, they look wonderful <3 I can't wait to get them in my game!

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    More Imports!
    Three More Vanners from tier 4 Vanners from my services page. for @Kaitlyn-Lewis

    From left to right: Stallion Silver Bay (pearl Carrier), Mare Grulla, Mare Bay Dun Tobiano

    Next we have my first Percheron, an import for @Gwen-Parker. I hope I made it right, I do like it, but I keep feeling like something might be off (guess that's what happens when making Vanners are almost muscle memory)

    anyways, I'm still taking requests right now, you can follow this link to get to my services here

    Remember that this also includes a New Member Program as well! it has just begun and might be a little buggy, so I would be happy to take some feedback on it =3

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    here's a shock guys...I'm looking for Vanner Stallion Studs! I don't want to breed from my stock for 5 vanner mares. These are my 17 year olds who will be retired probably in the next two equus years. (suragant mares are being used to prevent stress to the aging mares) I want one last brood from them before then and I'm determined to get generational vanners. Show me what studs you have, all of you, they don't need titles, don't care what their discipline are, or their colors, though I would prefer they at least be registered. These studs can also be studs I made for you, so long as they are foundations and none from my second or third generations. just DM me, I'm willing to pay for it. if you don't want to make them either, that's fine I am happy to do it as BIY

    If you have some studs I can use, just message me, you don't have to necessarily send me their files I can build off of just a good conformation photo of them.

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    Taking a mini break! I have a anime convention coming up, so my time will be focused on that for a couple of weeks. After that, I'm coming back. Orders that were placed will still be worked on when I have the motivation, if not when I'm ready to come back. If you want to enter some of my pons in shows just let me know. I"m still checking every day and people can still poke me with dm's or catch me on slack. k!

  • Wow I love your horses and your stable. The poses are wonderful, where did you find them or did you do them yourself, simply stunning indeed. :D

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    Hello everyone, it's been awhile. I haven't been around do to another major computer failure and the resulting loss of every last one of my horses, the custom world I built, all my sims people, and every bit of custom content I've had as far back as equus 1.0

    Essentially, I've been too depressed to come back to Equus. I don't know what to really do about it. so I just, left it as be. I've missed everyone here desperately and miss working with my sims and my horses. I'm going to try and work at getting things running again. hopefully soon. I need sims and Equus.

    If you have some content from Equus 1.0 including markings and CC, send it to me at as I work at trying to rebuild.

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    Good news!

    So thanks to me @Maize-Winters we put our heads together last night, and we successfully recovered everything! I got my game back, AND all my horses. I just about cried!

    so that being said! I'm making my come back!

  • YAAAAY! Nice and steady now!

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    Hi everyone,

    a long over due update. I had to take a step back from equus, not really by choice. But now I'm back, kind of. It's going to be a slow start. I'm going to slowly make my way to setting back up again from where I left off. However it's going to still be a little while. I now have a computer that is actually running the sims like butter. It's absolutely beautiful and exciting. But I'm still kind of figuring some stuff out. I've had a lot happen since my last updates. Including that my boy friend broke up with me. so. yea. I also work, a lot, so it's going to be very slow activity once I am really ready to jump right back in.

    See everyone soon!

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