[Voting Ends 7/14] Carolan Estate's Summer Grading Chatter

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    Chatter and questions go here. Thanks!

  • Such a lovely idea!
    Just wondering how many horses can a member enter? Is there a limit to the amount of entries that are dedicated to one person? :)

  • @Jasmine-Wilkinson Thanks! I currently have no limit set for horses a member can enter.

  • Ooooh~ the temptations with some of my Warmbloods....

  • Thanks to the sponsorship of @Judith-Montgomery, there will now be cash prizes for placement!

    1st Place - $10,000
    2nd Place - $6,000
    3rd Place - $4,000
    4th Place - $2,700
    5th Place - $1,700
    6th Place - $600
    7th Place through 10th Place - $250

  • Just barely related but can we get a round of applause for @Judith-Montgomery

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  • Awh, you guys :see_no_evil: I'm glad I can help out in any way :heart:

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  • Hi everyone! Please review your posts and make sure they specify if they are opting in or out for the in game paintings. At this time, if there is no indication, I will assume you have opted out, which means you will not receive in game paintings.

    Please be patient while I sort entries into their appropriate classes and randomize groupings and prepare a document for voting. And make all these paintings. :smile_cat:


    There are fourteen classes all together, so I would say this show was a huge success. Let me know if you notice your entry is missing, as I am human. Please vote for all entries, I know there are a lot, but it keeps things fair.

  • I am going to post this here as a general notice because I have run into several images that have this issue...

    If you have OPTED IN for the participation prize, please note that the cropping of your image will have to likely change for the image to fit the frame of the in game painting. In some cases, I cannot keep both horse and handler in the painting without cropping weirdly into them. In this case I have cropped the handler out to focus on the horse. If you are like YIKES MAGGIE NO, please message me sooner rather than later so we can come to a solution you enjoy.

    Sometimes watermarks also get a little close to or cropped at the edge, however I anticipate that you likely can't see it in game with how small the image will be.

  • Participation prizes in the form of paintings should all be distributed now. If you think you've been missed, let me know! :smile_cat:

  • @Maggie-York I forgot to opt in for it but its fine lol

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