CC Shop [OPEN]

  • I create CC, bridles, manes, tails etc.... HOWEVER... I don't know what to make as there is so much out there!!

    So lovelies request below using the form I will post, delivery is estimated at 2 weeks max per item!
    [cough] [cough] unless IRL kicks me xD [cough][cough]
    You will get updates on a regular and samples you can even test if you want to!
    However there is a catch, like a small one... all I ask is a few various things... so like you aint gotta do em all just one or two if you are feeling generous do not worry it will not effect your order! I just throw this out there for people who have no idea what to give in exchange!
    I love coats! I have many coats I want made,
    I love custom textured items, like name plates and named halters etc...
    Or follow me on twitch, a bit cheeky but ya gotta ask right? pssstt... clickme to follow my twitch xD

    Oh and why have I decided to do this!? ME!? a Random person you don't know wants to make pretty items for your game!? Well I am trying to really get into all this again and get ahead and do it all and stick to it this time!!!


    Here is form fillout! get added to the list!

    Item name:
    Item ref' Images:

    If no Ref' images just describe it to the best below:
    right here!
    Public/Private? [if your item is private dm me! I do not judge nor' discriminate against people who want a private bridle etc...!]




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