[WANTED] Show Hunter Stud

  • Hello all,

    I am searching for a stallion to cover my Mare MHS Shadowfighter C. She just reached her last titles in Eventing and show Hunting. Both of her parents have theier International Show Hunters title and the dam also a International Eventong title.

    Best would be if the stallion competents and gets bonus points in both disciplines. He must be at least 2nd Generation. He shouldn't be related to MHS Little Lion Man or NFE/HCS Callista (best without any Celtic's, Hoofbeat't or C perfixes/suffixes in the pedigree since that are my own lines.)

    Expect that throw anything you have at me. I am willing to pay of course.

  • I don't have any stallions competing in both eventing and show hunters, but I definitely have some show hunter studs I could offer you.

    • WD Adagio - 2nd generation black tobiano KWPN stallion, gives +9 hunters
    • SF Dalí - 2nd generation bay tobiano KWPN stallion, gives +14 hunters, half-brother to WD Adagio through sire PF Monet
    • CDC Benvolio - 2nd generation Trakehner stallion, gives +8 hunters
    • CDC Cadmus - 3rd generation flaxen chestnut Trakehner stallion (by CDC Benvolio), gives +12 hunters
    • Monachyle's Bluelight Bay = 3rd generation blue roan Trakehner stallion (by CDC Benvolio), gives +15 hunters
    • SF Interstellar - 3rd generation chestnut Trakehner stallion (related to CDC Benvolio - dam is half-sister of Benvolio), gives +15 hunters
    • WPW Warpath - 4th generation chestnut Trakehner stallion (by SF Interstellar), gives +12 hunters but still competing
    • CDC Tahsin - 4th generation black sabino Arabian stallion, gives +12 hunters but still competing

    I do have some others who are 2nd or 3rd generation and all maxed out in hunters, but their parents don't give additional bonus so they're all at +5 (CDC Legionnaire's Lament, VS Unbreakable, CDC Lacoste, and CDC Al Tariq). Let me know if you're interested in any! :heart:

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