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  • Henlo,
    I am looking for a thoroughbred for racing.
    Uhm, I am pretty new to this whole competition and collecting points, pedigree and stuff like this.
    I would like a horse who already has some points. ( Doesn't have to be a lot )
    Also I would like that the horse has a realistic colour and conformation.
    Comment below how much u would like for the horse! ♥
    0_1558952566169_ateez x.jpg

  • I don't have any TBs with points yet, but if you wanna, I could breed you a foal? I have two very beautiful mares and a nice stallion. Of course you can choose to use one of my mares and another person's stallion, or my stallion and another person's mare - that would be ok too.

    Bonus question: Can TBs have spotted coats? :O Bc then I want one like that! :D

  • Development Committee

    I've got a program here with titles stallions and mares to pick from. I'd be more than happy to breed a foal or two for you!

    @Therese-Evans Unrealistically, yes. You can register any breed with any real life horse coat as unrealistic, regardless if the breed carries it

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