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    I got a few spots for sale! Two stallions and one mare, as I don't get to use them as much as I want to, so I thought it was better to sell them, than to keep them and let the do the sitting duck. Anyhow, here they are.
    None of the horses has any points here on ES, but some has points on Cavallo Sims, and all of them are entering at least two shows on Cavallo Sims right now. They are all entering at least one show in here, at ES, right now too.
    I will do my best to find the right markings for your horse for you, but I can't guarantee anything as I have a shit load of markings. But I have a folder with spotted markings and I wanna send you that. The spot markings I will find for you, but the headmarkings are something you gotta replace yourself, and I can't tell my headmarkings files from each other.
    Starting bid on all the horses is §2000 and you gotta bid §1000 over the last one bidding.

    More pictures here!
    Stallion - Knabstrup Sports Horse - 162 cm - 10 y/o - Black Leopard Sabino Tobiano (Grey, Ee aa nLp nSb nT Gg) - Show Jumping (zero points anywere)
    Killer is 162 centimeters of pure power. He is a great Show Jumper and loves everything about jumping. He schmiede-is friendly and well behaved in the handling, and reverse loading pious.
    Killer feels best, when he is in the field with only one other horse, as he can be quite dominating towards other stallions, which is why we have paired him up with Pan (neé Kilborn's Warpaint) with whom everything is great. Pan is is best friend, but I'm sure he can work out fine with other stallions too, he just wanna be friends even if he is dominating. He just have to share field with a stallion who has less of a need for being in charge.
    He is very fine in the aid and is very sensitive. He is therefore not a beginners horse.
    alt text
    alt text

    More pictures here!
    Stallion - Knabstrup Baroque - 158 cm - 8 y/o - Bay Leopard (EE AA nLp) - Show Jumping (1 point on Cavallo Sims)
    Pan was broken-in gently last summer and has accepted without problems, equipment and rider. So far, he was never sick. He knows the ground work and the lunge. I worked him freely what pleases him. Walks are popular. There is a lot he hasn't tried, and he hasn't tried jumping yet, but we will show him jumping soon, and if he likes it he will be competing in it.
    He is a friendly horse, curious and eager to learn. He is a real eye-catcher with the dark skin and the white spots. Fuchsfarbene points, human eye, better balanced physique with much expression on his face. Through its proportions, he can cover well larger riders. He is a friend for life.

    alt text
    alt text

    More pictures here!
    Stallion - Knabstrup Baroque - 157 cm - 8 y/o - Black Leopard (Ee aa nLp) - Dressage (zero points anywere)
    Lille is a Knabstrupper stallion in baroque type. We have imported her from US one year ago. He is registred in the US, but re-registred in UK too. He is a powerful movement, especially in his trot. His walk needs work though. He is talented in show jumping also. He is not a sensitive horse to ride, a little schenkle-deaf, but he just needs to work it out with the right rider.
    Personality-wise he is very friendly, but not really curious hence new stuff. He is very calm and very well-manered, and really likes getting treats.

    alt text
    alt text

    KILBORN'S THALA #35466
    More pictures here!
    Mare - Knabstrup Baroque - 156 cm - 15 y/o - Seal Brown Leopard Sabino (EE AA nLp nSb) - Dressage (zero points anywere)
    Thala is a great eye-chatcher, and attracts the attention everywhere. Just a Pippi Langstrumpf horse with correct points.
    We have made ground work, lunge they, are gone for a walk and we even used it with her a little practicing.
    Cuddly and self-confident. Very clever mare, who can be ridden by anyone who doesn't let her do whatever she wants. She has much joy in the work and going currently in riding lessons with young girls. She are riding in the three disciplines and has fun with that.
    alt text
    alt text

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    Horse SB Highest Bid
    Kilborn's Lady Killer §2000 §10000 by @Breanna-Fahnestock
    Kilborn's Warpaint §2000 AUTOBUY BY @Lexi-House
    TLF Limited Edition §2000 AUTOBUY BY @Fernanda-Luchetta
    Kilborn's Thala §3000 §6000 by @Cristyne-Westwood

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    @Breanna-Fahnestock Accepted :)

  • Starting bids on Kilborn's Warpaint and Kilborn's Thala :heart_eyes:

  • Banned

    @Cristyne-Westwood Accepted! :D

  • TLF Limited Edition - SB

  • Banned

    @Fernanda-Luchetta Accepted! :D

  • 3000 for Kilborn's Warpaint and Kilborn's Thala

  • Banned

    @Lilly-Li Accepted :)

  • 4000 on Warpaint and Thala

  • 5000 for warpaint

  • 3000 Lady Killer

  • Kilborn's Warpaint 6k
    Kilborn's Lady Killer 4k

  • Banned

    All accepted! :D

  • 7k for Warpaint

  • Lady Killer 7k

  • Banned

    @Cristyne-Westwood Accepted :)

    @Gundrun-Ward Accepted :)

  • 5000 for Thala

  • 10k Warpaint

  • 6k on Thala and 11k on Warpaint

  • 12k on Warpaint

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