Pedigree bonuses

  • How are pedigree bonuses factored in to new gen2 (or whatever) horses?
    Am I supposed to be keeping track of them after each show, or is it handled elsewhere?

  • Here is the March Leaderboard update that explains the current bonus system. You don't need to keep track on them yourself, you can check your horse's title, points and bonuses in the leaderboard of its respective discipline on the Show History tab.

  • Thanks for all your help Isaiah!

  • bumping this because I have another stupidly basic question about pedigree bonuses...

    if my horse has +4 in flat racing, does this mean I add 4 points on to whatever they earn in competitions? Or do the judges factor that in? Hopefully this will be my last bout of confusion :disappointed_relieved:

  • The bonuses have got nothing to do with points, but they may affect how well your horse does. The scores are randomized between 0 and 100 (if I remember correctly) for a horse with no bonuses. A horse with +4 bonus rolls between 4 and 100, and a horse with +25 rolls between 25 and 100 and thus has a 1:4 chance of winning. That's all it does : )

    Edit: If you want to check your horse's current bonus, title and points, you can check the Show History tab on the leaderboard of his discipline, or use Elsie's Automatic Show History sheet.

  • Oh ok, that makes a LOT more sense!! So the judging automatically accounts for this?
    I cannot thank you enough for all your help...

    I am currently using Elsie's sheet, and it may be one of the most useful things I've ever encountered :sweat_smile:

  • It's all automatic, yes. All you need to do is check your horses current level before entering them on the show, and then see how well they did if you want to add the results to your records. You personally don't need to calculate anything!

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