[Ended] Big Downsize Sale

  • All horses are for sale.
    I am preparing myself for a 6 month hiatus, I think this long break will be good since I have made quite a few horses and I just can't stop.

    If your horse is in this sale please contact me if you wish to reclaim them. Won't have any hard feelings at all :slight_smile:
    Horses with a * next to them are not for sale
    Horses for sale will have a picture linked
    Even if your horse isn't listed for sale you are still welcome to reclaim
    All horses are strictly for offer only

    If you don't read the above or find that reading is probably to complicated please don't pm me

    Spread Sheet

  • Bumping this as only 2 horses pretty much got interest. Remember horses with * by their name aren't for sale.

  • Bumping.

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