[OPEN] Irvington's Marking &' Import Service

  • Welcome to my Import Service! ♥


    • You will NOT upload this horse anywhere.
    • You may NOT change the horse’s conformation, color or gender. Stallions may be gelded.
    • You may NOT offer the horse or its coat/custom markings for public download.
    • Should you break ONE of these rules, we reserve the right to reclaim the horse.
    • Payment must be sent before I send the files.


    • Face / Leg Marking: $500
    • Fullbody Marking: $4,000

    • Horse Import with custom Markings: $7,500
    • Horse Import without custom Markings: $3,000

    • Blind Import with custom Markings: $5,000
    • Blind Import without custom Markings: $2,500


    • Face / Leg or Fullbody:
    • Reference Photo(s):

    • Horse's Name: IVH
    • Breed:
    • Gender:
    • Reference Photo(s):

    Blind Import
    • Gender:
    • What do you don't want:
    • Horse Type (Warmblood, Draft, Stock):


    Every Horse on these pictures has their own custom Marking
    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • • Blind Import with costum Markings
    • Gender: Mare
    • What do you don't want: Basic colours
    • Horse Type (Warmblood, Draft, Stock): Warmblood

  • Marking
    • Face / Leg or Fullbody: Face and leg
    • Reference Photo(s): https://pin.it/xzt5qlnr3rofzn

    • Face / Leg or Fullbody: Face and leg
    • Reference Photo(s): https://pin.it/kfd4v7rcne2jsu

  • @Lauren-Goldtree

    Hope you like her!
    She's a German Riding Horse! :)

    alt text

  • @Hedwig-Johnson

    Here are your Markings! :3
    Hope you like them ^_^

    alt text

    alt text

  • @Roselyne-Gaumont Wow, looks so Beautiful! :heart_eyes:

  • • Face / Leg or Fullbody: Full body
    • Reference Photo(s): left side, right side

    • Horse's Name: IVH Filour
    • Breed: Shetlandspony (grey-ish)
    • Gender: Stallion
    • Reference Photo(s): Colour 1, colour 2, body (need of custome marking)

    • Horse's Name: IVH No Name
    • Breed: Akhal Teke/thoroughbred-cross/mix (bay)
    • Gender: Stallion
    • Reference Photo(s): Picture (no need for costume markings)

    • Blind import with costum marking
      • Gender: mare
      • What do you don't want: Simple coat, bay
      • Horse Type (Warmblood, Draft, Stock): Stock

    • Import
    • Horse's Name: IVH Sunka Wakan
    • Breed: Mustang
    • Gender: mare
    • Reference Photo(s): Side1 Side2 ChestnutBase

  • @Alona-Alberik

    Hope you like them! :D

    alt text

  • Omg !!! Yes

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