[Open] RavenRidgeStables Imports

  • I am currently in the need for more money so I am opening up imports rules are as stated. (Both have custom markings)

    1. you may not change horses gender you can geld stallions
    2. You may not change the coat or main/tail color or conformation you can change the shade/shine markings and mane/tail
    3. Don't upload for mass download or share files
    4. If you want to sell the horse please contact me before you do
    5. keep our prefix in the name
    6. Enjoy your new horse

    *blind imports price: 1,000
    What you would prefer(breed/color):

    *Custom Imports price: 2,000
    All come with custom markings

       Slots Available:
    1. Rowdy Price
    2. Thea Radmer
    3. Teddy Price

  • examplealt text

  • I can now make imports with custom markings

  • In the blind imports, is the "What you would prefer" thing like, breeds or colors? Im not sure xD

  • It can be both breed and/or color

  • All imports are half off for the month of July

  • Gender: Mare
    What you would prefer(Breed/color): I would like a eyecatching dutsh or sweedish warmblood

  • Thea meet RRS Double Dutch you can change her name if you want

  • alt text

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thea meet your new mare RRS Double Dutch

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