[CLOSED] 2019 Equus Pride Parade 🌈

  • show off your natural hue

    JUNE 1st - JUNE 30th, 2019

    Happy Pride Month, and welcome to the 2019 Equus Pride Parade!

    if you're multicouloured that's cool too

    :rainbow: Rules:

    • Your entry may be a story, photoshoot, poem—anything! Thus, there is no required entry card to fill out; formatting is completely up to you.
    • The theme or message of your entry must be related to being LGBTQ+ and/or having pride.
    • Each member is limited to one entry. Entries must contain new and original content to be eligible for prizes.
    • This challenge is open to everyone, and everyone is encouraged to enter! Challenge entries that reflect offensive views will not be tolerated.

    :rainbow: Prizes

    All participants will receive $10,000 in prize money and pride-themed goodies made by @Puck-Cantrell, as well as a participation ribbon made by @Nicole-Loeffler! Judge's Choice prizes are awarded to members whose entries are empowering and meaningful depictions of pride.

    :rainbow: Special Thanks

    Thank you to @Rena-Cort for suggesting and helping me plan this challenge, and @Puck-Cantrell for creating such lovely prizes!

    If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please post them in the chatter thread!

    you don't need to change

    it's boring being the same

    :gay_pride_flag: Happy Pride Month, Equus! :gay_pride_flag:

    you're pretty either way

  • Competition Committee

    Without losing a piece of me, how do I get to heaven?
    Without changing a part of me, how do I get to heaven?
    All my time is wasted, feeling like my heart's mistaken.
    So if I'm losing a piece of me, maybe I don't want heaven?

    Troye Sivan - Heaven

    alt text

  • Development Committee

    Do you ever feel like an outcast?
    You don't have to fit into the format
    Oh, but it's okay to be different
    'Cause baby, so am I

    Ava Max - So Am I
    alt text
    Featuring: Adéla Gärtner and Lunar's Oriana
    I was going to include a little story or something but I'm struggling to write :(

  • alt text

  • Banned

    Regina Walker and Kilborn's Ziano
    Regina has just bought a new horse, and are making him ready for a Pride show for horses in England near London. A big show with a lot of different horses all in the Pride colours.
    alt text

  • alt text
    ABRC Cordovega and Abigail Benton

  • Jess & Jill

    alt text

    Jess and Jill went up the hill
    To fatch a pail of water.
    When they reached the top
    Jess yelled stop
    As Jill slipped, and she caught her.
    They looked eachother in the eyes
    And Jess felt the butterflies arrise.
    Jess bent her head, to give her a kiss
    An offer Jill could not dismiss

    When Jess and Jill went up the hill

  • Guillermo and Félix met in Duarte when Felix, who is a professional photographer, took some photographs for a well-known Spanish equestrian magazine. It wasn't love at first sight, although they did get along as soon as they met.

    When I decided to create our website, it was undoubted that we needed the help of several professionals ... among which the figure of a photographer stood out. Some of us get along well with technology, but the images don't have the same quality as the images of a professional.

    And Felix, who at that time was without work (coincidences of life), left us his curriculum.

    Between that event and the one you can see in the image, a lot of months have passed ... and the things in our photographer's life have changed a lot. After three months of stupid anger, jealousy and jokes not-so-much-jokes ... Guille told him.

    In the picture that you can see below, Guillermo (a.k.a. Guille) gallops on Prince Charming de Duarte while Felix (who doesn't appear in the photo) tests his new toy to take photographs: a drone.

    alt text

  • Aight gays lets get to work! Full Quality Pic

    alt text

  • "I just kinda wish you were gay" :gay_pride_flag:

    SLEC Geronimo & Ashley Lamothe

    alt text

  • ---

    alt text

    "I saw a miracle today."

    There's a kind of giddiness in Rachel's voice when he says it, tumble of auburn curls framing his face, cheeks a matching color of rose, owing to his excitement over whatever revelation it was that he was about to divulge to young Aiko. The contrary young adult looked up from dutifully brushing her pony, cocking her head to show that she's listening, and expectant, though she already has a guess at what's got the man so worked up. She's been living with the signs of the coming change for months, while Rachel was only a passing visitor, ignorant to the subtler cues that her taciturn stepfather gave away in the private moments of their everyday. She doubted whether or not Dimitri himself had noticed them. He'd always been a bit clueless when it came to anything involving introspection.

    Still, she couldn't blame Rachel for his excitement, or for the way he was pacing back and forth with his those expressive, feminine hands of his flailing in the air as he told a tale that ought to have been mundane. A few short months ago, she'd felt the same lurch of hope in the depths of her guts that was now adding so much color and drama to Rachel's retelling of an innocuous moment that held so much weight.

    She couldn't blame him: it'd been almost six years since Rachel had last seen his life-long friend's smile.

    alt text

    It sounded like it should have been pure hyperbole. Six years, without cracking so much as a smirk? Without even a breath of laughter? An amused exhale through the nose? Six years. Yet, that had been their reality, starting from the black day they'd been given the news. For the first few months, the new widow may as well have been a mute. The funeral came and went. The months stretched to a year, then two, then three, but for Dimitri, it hardly seemed as if a day had passed. It was commonly whispered in the aisles that a part of him had been lowered into the ground along with his husband's coffin, cliché as it was. Aiko wondered if that was what her stepfather thought, too, recognizing the parallels that could be drawn between laying awake in the deepest part of a pitch-black night and being buried six feet under, the crushing weight of grief a thousand times heavier than earth.

    Somehow, between the Prozac and the obligation to his horses, Dimitri kept muddling along, living on auto-pilot while his staff looked on, their hope for change dwindling year after half-hearted year. But, as it tends to, change did come, even if it'd taken its sweet time, in the form of a golden boy in a tailored, navy suit.

    alt text

    That's what Rachel had nicknamed the man who had arrived at the property one day in search of board for his nephew's pony: the golden boy. Fitting enough for his sandy hair and bright complexion, Aiko supposed, if a bit on the nose. If she were honest, she'd have much more quickly labelled him as 'rich prick,' after initial impressions of his over-confidence left a sour taste in her mouth. Dimitri's too, judging by the observations Aiko made while watching their first encounter. It wasn't unusual for her father to be chilly with strangers, even those intending to be prospective clients, but it was another for him to be downright frigid. Ashton--the golden boy--was either oblivious, or didn't care(Aiko later learned it was the former), and had been bold--or stupid--enough to ask him out for coffee the next time he'd been out. A polite enough invitation, anyone else might have even been flattered, but the only thing it'd earned Ashton was a vicious snarl and a mean right hook that'd put a sizeable bruise on his too-perfect jaw.

    A sane person would have assumed that would've been the end of it, but Aiko's interest was piqued. It was, after all, the most emotion her father had shown to anybody in over half a decade, if... of the wrong sort. Still, she decided that anything was better than the lukewarm indifference that had become the widow's norm. Enmity was better than apathy; she could work with enmity, though it took a bit of encouragement to rally the dejected Ashton enough to give it another go, and only with a good bit of coaching:

    "Just go really slow. Ask to take riding lessons or something. Make him put up with you for a while until he gets over himself. He's actually really sweet--uh, do you need ice for the swelling? Sorry."

    "Take him out to a symphony. He loves those."

    Happily, Ashton was of like mind for his appreciation of music, and Aiko could hardly contain her excitement at the revelation. She could have screamed the day she'd arrived home and had been greeted by the sound of piano music, after the majestic grand on which both of her fathers had once played together had been left covered and silent for so long.

    "His favorite flowers are white lilies and gardenias." It might have been cheating to be giving away all the answers that Dimitri's late husband had spent years teasing out of the soft-spoken man, but Aiko didn't much care. It was worth it to witness those blue eyes widen and shine with surprise when Dimitri had been presented with a swan-colored bouquet of sweet-smelling gardenias come Valentines day.

    It was all kept very hush-hush, of course; Aiko could only imagine the damage that might have been done had Rachel or--god forbid, Caelin, Dimitri's cherub-like half-brother of such sun-shining disposition that it was vomit-inducing--found out about it, before the time was right. Before Dimitri was ready, being the privacy-obsessed man he was, hardly able to admit anything to himself, much less to anyone else.

    So, it was with polite interest that she listened to Rachel's re-telling of the momentous event he'd witnessed, of Dimitri, smiling, while looking at another human being.

    "--at the golden boy! Can you believe it? I thought he hated the guy, I mean--he punched him in the fucking face the second day he met him, like--what! Right?" The babble went on, and Aiko couldn't help a smile, herself.

    Perhaps Dimitri was ready.

    alt text

    Perhaps, Aiko thought, there was still hope for her father's old heart.

    alt text

  • PR Committee

    alt text


    It's the most beautiful thing in this life
    when two people choose each other, forever.

  • After seven jars of pony paint.... alt text
    "How'd the photo turn out, Burt?"
    "Well, Crow looks like he's ready to take your face off and you look kinda dorky"
    "gasp That's homophobic."
    "Ki, I'm literally your husband,"

    :gay_pride_flag: ~Happy Pride, Everyone~ :gay_pride_flag:

  • alt text
    Happy Pride Month! :gay_pride_flag:
    Featuring: Rosa Kajo and Lúpa frá Teitur

  • alt text
    alt text

  • Administrators

    Love. Love comes in a lot of different shapes and forms. And none of them is worth less than the other. :gay_pride_flag:

    alt text

    "When I look in your eyes, baby, I see a lifetime of dreams come true
    And I want you to say, that you feel the same way too
    The stars in your eyes tell me, all my tomorrows will wait for you
    You're all of my prayers answered, my one saving grace is you" - Lifetime of Dreams, Journey

  • alt text

    There's something similar about the feeling of a pony's breath on the back of your palm, a warm summer evening, and the memory of your secret childhood crush.

    alt text

  • pridepappleexpress
    a little bit of holi powder goes a long way

  • Love is pure and true; love knows no gender.

    alt text

  • DBR Southern Moonshiner & Chloe West flying the pride flag through the ranch.

    alt text

  • peace will win and fear will lose;

    alt text

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