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    I am looking to buy two or three new dressage horses to add to my stable. I'm thinking long-term ahead, for when I retire my older horses, I want to have some horses already competing to take their places in the higher levels.

    I don't have many requirements, I don't mind foundations or 2nd-generations, but the horse must be competing in dressage. If dressage is a secondary discipline, I'd want to change it to being the only discipline so please keep that in mind. Breed wise, I'd be mostly interested in Oldenburgs, Trakehners and Dutch Warmbloods. Any colour, gender. Please have sensible prices or be open to trades :)

    You can comment here or message me on slack or on the forum if you have anything available.
    Thanks! <3

  • PR Committee

    Are you solely looking for horses that are already competing or would you be interested in a breeding request? I have a couple Oldenburg studs if you have any mares? I'm also going to be posting a sale very soon with 2 oldenburg fillies with bonuses in dressage.

  • PR Committee

    @Johanna-Masters I am mostly looking for horses already competing. I'll keep an eye out for your sale thread though :)

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