Small world and other things

  • anyone know of any small plain worlds like literally small, empty and plain xD

    Horsey HD mods, I already have horse HD mod the 4k one I think but like.... the eyes are naff and looking on what people recommend for making pon pons look ULTRA good I have a high end PC so no need to worry there

    Also any other graphic ones or reshades or anything that can just make everything look better

    I have seen lists and links but I am indecisive and really want a personal opinion on what they use or recommend

    Thank you!

  • Following this, as I need some of those things too. Hope it's ok <3

  • hahah thats okay :3 The more the merrier!

  • Carmen has lots of empty and smallish worlds on her website.

    Horse mods that change the horses skin don't affect the eyes, you have to download eye mods separately, they only change the skin.

    A lot of people use reshade to enhance their graphics, it won't give you amazing graphics but it will improve what you already have. Their is a guide here on how to use it in.. tutorials? and their should be a list of presets linked on slack.

  • @Eowyn-Vance Oh no I know that, with the eye things I have worded it incorrectly damn me XD

    And yes I have seen the lists and tuts but I am looking for more personal opinions on what people have for thier games as I cannot decide for my own after trying out several things still seem off.

    But will check out the worlds thank you!

  • For small worlds, I recommend (and use myself) Cottonville. If you scroll all the way to the bottom, it's there. You may also try My Sim Realty.

    Lakeside Saddlery has an HD horse eye mod. Here. I need a new one though, so when I find one that works, I'll let you know! Luke Teth also has eye mods here. You can only use one or the othere (at least from what I've read from the forum)

    Since you have a good laptop, you should be able to fiddle with reshade with no problem! Here are a few good links to help you:

    Random other mods I've found:

    I think I'm personally using Brnt Waffles' Cloud Nine lighting mod. This, on my puny laptop.

  • PR Committee

    There are some great world suggestions but one missing that's worth mentioning (to me anyway) is Harbledore Hills by Aries. I'm not sure there's still a download link but I'm sure someone will have the file to send; it's a small and empty world with lovely scenery :deciduous_tree:
    The realistic cloud mod that Veole mentioned is a handy thing to have, and there's also a realistic night sky / star mod somewhere too that's worth checking out. A lighting mod can make a lot of difference but honestly, trial and error is probably the answer here. I love the look of dark and moody pictures from other members but in my own game those mods look horrendously dark and I can barely make out my horses, so what works well for some people doesn't work well for others. It took me absolutely ages to settle on the lighting mod I use now.

  • There are other equestrian worlds out there, too. I'd start with looking what's in the ES CC database which is really useful for finding other custom content as well!

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