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  • I explain. A few months ago I used this tool to check which disciplines were good for a pintabian. One of those disciplines was Pony Eventing and I wanted to register it there ... but it turned out that the race could not register. This was not a problem and I chose another discipline.

    All right up here.

    Now, I am "re-training" some horses and they will start competing in flat racing. By taking a look at the same tool, the Anglo-Arabians are there.

    alt text

    My doubt is born due to the previous "problem". Can I register two Anglo-Arabs in flat racing?

  • So I don't know it exactly, but I think AHA strains should be fine, because Thoroughbreds do flatracing, Arabs do flatracing and AHA Anglo's are just a TB x Arab cross, so I don't see why not. For CIAA on the other hand I wouldn't be too sure, because there is WB influence in them.

    What I just actually worry about, if you want to re-train them, that means that they already showed in another discipline right? I don't know if these rules still exsist but back in Equus 2.0 I am pretty sure you could not register a horse in flatracing when it had competetd already in another discipline, because that would be pretty unrealsitic (except if this discipline was halter or something). Maybe another member who is more into flatracing can help here ^^

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    I recommend going to the flat racing leaderboard and check the sheet that is called LevelCaps. You can see there which breeds that can compete and not. Anglo-arabians, both AHA and CIAA can compete in flat racing.
    And no there is no rule about not being able to change to flat racing just because you have been competing in another discipline :relaxed:

  • Thank you, girls!! I had not thought about going to the leaderboard. Thanks for the suggestion.

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