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  • Foxen Acres ♔ - Where the journey begins.


    Sometimes life means it good with you. You're lucky to be born into a perfect family and grow up happily and live your dream from the very beginning - that sounds too good, right?

    Unfortunately, something like that didn't happen to me. I grew up in chaos. My mother was an alcoholic and my father disappeared. I had to fight through from the beginning and take care of my little sister as good as I could as a child. But when I was 7, my sister and I were taken out of there and we came to a foster home.

    And I loved it. My adoptive parents had a large KWPN stud in germany, with top horses from all over the country. I was in heaven.
    When I was 10, I got my first pony. I started riding competitions and got better and better. At the age of 14 I got my first horse - Foxberry's Amiiqlyx, she was 8 years old at the time. With her I was able to achieve my first successes in eventing and dressage. I built a good reputation in equestrian sports.

    When I turned 18, I got the biggest gift I ever got. My parents, Sarah and Gerald, gave me the opportunity to fulfill my dream of running my own stable. The construction work finally began in 2017 and these were completed in February 2019.
    I present to you now: Foxen Acres!

    Foxen Acres is completely new, only a few horses are living there at the moment. The rest of my horses will come later. On Foxen Acres I would like to breed and train high quality sport horses of some breeds like KWPN's, PRE's and hanoverians.

    I'm so excited about what the future will bring and I can't wait to figure it out:

    This is where the journey begins...

    The Staff

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    Emilia Fox / 22 / Main Charakter Harvey Hunter / 24 / Emilia's Boyfriend Mathilda Lunay / 21 / Emilia's Best Friend Julio Sanchez / 23 / Mathilda's Fiance

    The Horses

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    Foxen Cosma / KWPN Foxberry's Amiiqlyx / Oldenburg Foxen Aguacil / PRE
    Coming soon...


    coming soon...

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    The sun was high in the sky as I prepared myself and Aguacil for his performance. The weather was fine and it was pleasantly warm.
    Aguacil was very nervous, his move to Foxen Acres was not so long ago and now he was on the Grading Show, where was a wild goof going on - many people, many animals, music and screaming.
    Aguacil danced around and threw his pretty head back and forth. I buckled up his bridle and patted his muscular neck. I looked down at him and praised myself. He looked good and his coat gleamed noble.

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    We also took my mare Moxie to the show, she was calm and relaxed, after all, she has already gained a lot of experience, even she still is a bit shy at the beginning, because she is just a really shy mare. But the longer she was there, the looser she became. She looked too beautiful and I took many pictures of her, like many, many, many pictures. When we were in the ring, the sun was shining so much that her white coat almost blinded us. She was trotting so well and I was really proud of her.

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    Charakters in this post: Foxen Aguacil, Foxberry's Amiiqlyx

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  • Love your horses! 😍

  • Both of them look beautiful! Moxie is an absolute stunner though, not gonna lie, her chestnut coat is such a nice colour and she moves great!

  • They're both pretty but I'm a sucker for a flashy trot, the picture of Aguacil is amazing <3

  • Stunning horses and great editing!

  • Love the brightness of your photos!

  • Competition Committee

    apparently, i forgot to comment on this, oops
    Your edits are so soft and detailed :heart_eyes:

  • Holy!! I simply just love you blog!! :heart_eyes:
    Those entries for the summer grading show is stunning! i love the way you edit! :heart_eyes:
    and i'm totally in love with Aguacil! :heart:

  • AAAAAAAh all of these photos are looking so soft and have a good vibe! Cant wait to see more

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