Charlie's Blind Imports || OPEN || Christmas Special!

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    ~ Charlie's Blind Import's ~

    I'm always under strict guidelines when it comes to imports regarding refs etc. So i have come up with the idea to make it totally random on what you receive. Of course the basic info will be needed, but other then that no refs are needed for these.

    A basic application link will be listed below the rules.

    Currently i am only accepting to make all Warmbloods and Arabians. Please do not request for stocks, drafts, etc, as i cannot complete them.


    • Please be respectful and do not mass upload the horse.
    • As i created the horse, please do not claim it as your own, and when registering please use my ID (8034) as the 'Creator ID'
    • All imports made from this service will and MUST carry my prefix. Please do not add your own. As i do have two stables now - one for arabians and one for warmbloods - two different prefixes are used. Arabians carry Holmgard's, and Warmnloods carry SBS.
    • You may once received, change mane and tail styles. You may also make minor adjustments to the coat regarding shine/detail markings. But please dont change anything major.
    • Before requesting, please make sure you have enough money in order to pay for the said import. As i have had previous issues in the past.
    • Along those lines, money must be sent before files are. I have many cases where those weren't paid.
    • Once you have received the import, you can do whatever you like with it. it does NOT have to go to a show home. But would be nice to see it around.
    • If you are wishing on selling the horse, please contact me in some way in case i want to buy it back.
    • I have the right to refuse a request at any time.
    • Please keep it one request per member. Once your request has been completed, you may then request another.
    • I will only be doing a couple of imports at a time. But you may check the waiting list which is linked below.
    • If you wish to cancel your request by any chance, lease contact me asap.
    • Completed horses will be added into this thread.
    • If you have any questions or queries, please dont hesitate to message me


    As they are blind imports, i will be making them into packages. Below will list whats in each package and their price.

    SIMPLE - $10,000 ~ Christmas Special now makes it $6,000!
    The simple package comes with the random mix and match of socks and blazes, and a basic coat color (can be specifically asked).

    MODERATE - $15,000 ~ Christmas Special now makes it $11,000!
    The moderate package consists of added things like minimal sabino and tobiano, also with the more complicated coat colors like dappled, sooty etc.

    COMPLEX - $20,000 ~ Christmas Special now makes it $16,000!
    The complex package includes the added full overo, sabino, and tobiano, with added coats like dun, palomino.

    All my examples of work can be found here


    Waiting List

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  • Package ~ Complex
    SBS When Starlight Falls ~ Dappled Buckskin Pintabian Mare
    A Pintabian mare import for @Samantha-Jadirea

  • Thank you Jasmine, she's beautiful <3

  • 0_1488964045899_Screenshot_3.png
    SBS Autumn Gold ~ Palomino Pintabian Stallion
    Another Pintabian (stallion) import for @Audrey-Henderson

  • 0_1489145965496_Screenshot_18.png
    SBS Almost Illegal ~ Flaxen Chestnut Sabino German Riding Pony Stallion
    An import completed for @Levi-Rosenthal
    (If you're having issues regarding that there is too much white for the sabiano, just message me and i can re-make it/fix it) :)

  • 1_1489217700118_Screenshot_23.png
    SBS Diva By Blood ~ Seal Brown Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Mare
    Import completed for @Janne-Mikelsen

  • 0_1489302725554_Screenshot_24.png
    SBS Burgandy Rose ~ Bay Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Mare
    Import for @Kayla-Albright

  • 0_1489741217480_Screenshot_32.png
    SBS Dagger's Point ~ Bay Sabino Arabian (Crabbet) Stallion
    Import for @Mercedes-Hampton
    Small note: His neck is slightly distorted by the pose, and his privates are now a pinkish color :)

  • 0_1490524387157_Screenshot_41.png
    SBS Chicago's Lady ~ Chestnut Tobiano Pintabian Mare
    Import for @Yu-Mi-Shimizu

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    SBS Just In Time ~ Dapple Grey Min. Tobiano Swedish Warmblood Stallion
    Import for @Rebecca-Wall

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    SBS Jus De Pomme ~ Bay Min. Tobiano Irish Sport Horse
    Import for @Jase-Sunshine

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    SBS Queen Of Hearts ~ Bay Min. Tobiano Oldenburg
    Import for @Sophie-Lawrence

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  • After a long awaited arrival to this thread after my break, i am finally back, and now taking orders again :heart:

    Please give the rules a read before ordering, as some things have changed :)

  • As it is nearing towards Christmas, we have gathered to bring down our prices for the December month to begin the festive season! A total of $4,000 has been taken off the original prices to celebrate! :santa:

    Get your orders in now whilst things are cheep as its only limited time! :horse:

    Quickly Order Here!

  • @Charlie-Smith can you do appaloosas?

  • alt text
    SBS Kardal ~ Dunalino Tobiano Pintabian Stallion
    Import for @Olivia-Ciarlante

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    Holmgard's Elandolyn ~ Black Arabian Stallion
    Import for @Andrea-Burdine

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