[ENDED] OTTB Seeks New and Exciting Job

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    Hey everyone! In the midst of my horse downsizing, I've pulled this horse from the sale sheet and wanted to feature him separately. I live in Kentucky and have worked with thoroughbreds for years irl, as well as being an eventer with my personal horse, and those two worlds cross paths more often then you might think. There is such an abundance of OTTBs (off the track thoroughbreds), which are horses who once raced and either didn't do well or got injured, or for some other reason were retired from racing and are searching for new homes and new jobs. These horses make excellent eventers, as well as extremely good horses for many other disciplines, and it's pretty common in the circles that I run in for people to buy these guys and retrain them for other purposes.

    Here on Equus, Flat racing isn't as common as many of the english disciplines, but I've been working with a team of racers for almost three years now and they've reached excellent and peak potential. I've been trying to downsize my herd to a more reasonable number, and I thought it'd be cool to host an OTTB Auction for a horse who has actually raced on the forum and been extremely successful, but is now ready for a career change. Introducing...

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    Code of Valor x Calla Lily
    Ee/Aa/nSty | Thoroughbred | Stallion


    Secret Code is a 9 year old thoroughbred stallion who has been competing in Flat Racing and has earned 218 pts. After hitting his International title, he ran one more race and pulled up slightly lame and so we decided to retire him. He came back to the stable full of fire and raring to go, and we think it's best if he retrains in another discipline as he's just not ready for retirement. His last race was 01/27/19 and has been officially retired from Flat Racing. He cannot race on this forum anymore. He receives +12 in flat racing and also passes +12 to his foals. He has no other discipline currently, that is up to you to decide.

    If you want to read his story, please see my scrapbook. Page 5.


    • Please don't make any major edits to this horse.
    • Please don't bid if you won't keep this horse active in a new discipline.
    • If you choose to sell the horse, first rights are to go to Sophie Lawrence, his breeder.

    Starting Bid: $8,000
    Current High Bid: $12,000 (Sadie)
    ENDS 24hr/ALB

  • SB

    I personally love the way you choose to introduce and advertise this sale <3

  • Competition Committee

    9k, hooray for the OTTBS, also hello fellow Kentuckian :wave_tone1:

  • $10k - I’ve been wanting to expand my eventers

  • Administrators

    11k! I love love OTTBs :heart_eyes:

  • $12,000 :heart:

  • 13k we love him :heart: :heart_eyes:

  • $14,000 :)

  • 16,000 :))))

  • did I win?

  • @Raven-Sun you did :) please let me know where you’d like his files and send the payment. Thank you to all who participated!

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