help needed

  • So I used to use a laptop and have moved to a desk top. Ive redownloaded all of my mods but I need help.

    1. I am not able to send anyone money throughout the base equus community tab.

    2. Pose player is broken, it will reset the horse and put it in a different place but will never bring up a list of poses or anything like usual
      ^ Yes ive clicked every single button I can find going through pose by list or pose by name, neither work.
      ^I am using the latest date of OSMP and poseplayer

    3. When I have NRAAS in the packages folder and launch the game it will crash (Not responding)
      ^I am sure it was NRAAS I launched it just before NRAAS was added and it was fine except for the pose player issue.

    Can anyone help with any of the above

  • did you delete all of the 5 catchs files before starting the game?

  • no omg thank you so much

  • I hope that helps :D that helped me at least

  • This post is deleted!

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