So how does showing work

  • I entered one of my registered horses in a dressage show. How are they even judged since you cant actually see progress even with RP? How does a judge decide which one wins. Do I have to do anything else or just wait for results?

  • Competition Committee

    R shows or randomized shows are completely random, your RP progress has no effect on the results. The results are determined by a program within google sheets. All the show host does is set the program to run and check for ties :blush:

  • PR Committee

    The show sheets are set up to run everything automatically once the horses are entered, but one of the best people to ask properly about that is @Anna-Hertler. Every four months (1 Equus year) each discipline has a RP phase where you can show your horses success - or fails - at the show but for the most part, R shows don't require anything beside filling in the entry form and hoping luck is on your side :slight_smile:

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    Rena and Callixta covered it very well. All you do with R shows (the shows posted in the Show section of the forum) would be to fill out the form(s) and then you wait for the host to judge and post results. You can see your horses points on the leaderboards (Which you will find here)

  • Iv'e been spending 45 minutes trying to find my horse among that list :laughing:

  • Have you tried pressing ctrl + f ?

  • You're a lifesaver!

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