i need your help please

  • I have a little trouble I just registered on the main site then I waited to be validated and saw that I aarive me connected on the forum I said it's good.

    So I wanted to connect to the site to create my stable and manage my money and can not connect it says to me, non-existent identifier while I put the same here as such password

  • PR Committee

    Your forum account here needed be to created and accepted first before you registered on the main site; you also need to make sure you use the same details (the same name ) on that site as here, so the accounts can be matched up. I had a quick peek but I couldn't see any Chris Patt account in the queue so you'll need to sign up again on the main site, and your account should be accepted within a day or two then :slight_smile:

  • ok so I just have to re-register on the other with the same credentials as this one and it will be good

  • it is bizzare why when I registered for the forum I subscribed from the site

  • PR Committee

    The queue has been checked today and yesterday, there are no pending members with that name. https://equus.community/ this is the main site you need to register with :) I hope this helps some.

  • I did and I get this: Your account has been created and will be reviewed by a member of staff. You will receive an email with a decision within the next few days.

  • PR Committee

    Your display didn't match your forum account, that's probably why it wasn't approved the first time. I've approved your account and updated your display name on the main site so it would match the one on the forum. If you would like to submit a name change you can fill out the proper form. Welcome to Equus Community!

  • ohhh thank you very much for your help !!! I am so happy :)

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