Game Version

  • I tried to install Sweet FX but my game stopped working afterwards. I took the files out again and reinstalled Reshade, but now I'm getting the message to update my game first.

    Had anyone ever had the same problem?
    Should I try to patch it manually or should I reinstall everything? :sweat_smile:

    Thanks for the help! <3

  • Reshade doesn't alter any of the games files that I know of. Sounds like you might have taken out some files that shouldn't of - can you put everything you took out back in and see if you still get the same error?

  • If I put everything back in I get an error message saying "CreateDXGIFactory2" was not found in DLL "C:\Windows\System32\d3d11.dll""

    EDIT: I fixed that error by renaming the dxgi.dll into d3d11.dll but now I get the error message of the game being version again :sweat_smile:

  • the freshest game version in history :heart_eyes:

  • Not anymore! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
    I got it to work again thanks for the help <3

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