[OWNERS ANNOUNCED 7/4] RFE June 2019 Foal Crop

  • Hey guys!

    After everyone's put in their own input at my thread where I asked about breeding sheets or foal crops - I've started preparing a foal crop to share with the community!

    RFE has not done a foal crop in literally years, so this time I carefully selected the parents, made the foals, and some even have their own personal custom markings made by the lovely @Eric-Sobeck !

    The foals come in all price ranges, lowest being from $21,000 to the priciest one going for $53,000! All foals will come with main site profiles if sold, but will not be registered because they are too young to compete and obviously I do not have adult photos of them ;)

    The foals are approximately 6 months old now and ready to move on to other stables and be separated from their moms! So I suggest you sit back and relax and browse through the selection of no more or less than 8 foals for your consideration!

    alt text

    1* RFE Lutrya

    Pss Lottery Ticket x Singapore KN
    Chestnut British Warmblood filly
    +24 show jumping

    ASKING PRICE: $26,000

    One of the more independent horses from this crop, Lutrya descends from our two Grand Prix show jumpers who are both at the top of their game. She is closely related to the famous Pss Alfie and the even more famous stallion Blackmores.
    She is on the taller side, with a very sporty build and very attentive.

    alt text

    2* RFE Valerian

    AR Desperado x Indiana S
    Chestnut Belgian Warmblood (or can be Dutch Warmblood) colt
    +16 eventing & +3 show jumping

    ASKING PRICE: $21,000

    Absolute sweetheart of the crop who loves his cuddles! Bred by one of the last straws of his sire Desperado. Related to Norrokor on his sire's side and the very famous Durango, he is all set to become the next big, bold eventer in your stable. So far he has shown himself to be inquisitive and brave.

    alt text

    3* RFE Princess of Rio

    RFE Rรญoghnรกn x Liberty's Sky Princess
    Chestnut Irish Sport Horse filly
    +14 dressage, +9 eventing & +12 show jumping

    ASKING PRICE: $37,000

    This one will have it all one day! Daughter of our prime Thoroughbred stallion, who will soon be bringing maximum bonuses in all big three disciplines, she will be tough to beat! Very attractive and has springs for legs! She would make a great horse in the faster disciplines because of her relation to our racehorse mare All I Got (by Days Of Thunder) but should be able to keep her cool in slower paces given that she is 50% Irish Draught. Half sister to our stunning young mare Trevita and to the experienced dressage and jumper horse Theano.

    alt text

    4* RFE Robinvale

    Monachyle's Fifty Fifty x Relleis's Sesrostra
    Black tobiano Dutch Warmblood (or can be Oldenburg) filly
    +12 dressage, +14 eventing & +4 show jumping

    ASKING PRICE: $42,000

    Attractive filly with an attractive name! She seems to be the exact clone of her dam, and if it is going to be performance wise as well - not a problem at all! Very sassy mare with an attitude of her own, again - just like her dam. Both sire and dam competed at the highest levels of their disciplines, resulting in big bonuses. Very flashy and a great mover with a sturdy conformation.

    alt text

    5* RFE Barchan

    RFE Barlume Hridayesh II x RFE Incantation
    Bay Irish Sport Horse colt
    +22 dressage & +14 show jumping

    ASKING PRICE: $38,000

    By our very famous and sought after stallion, this colt has inherited his big, sturdy frame and his gorgeous milk chocolate coat! His dam is one of our most correct movers at the Estate, with numerous top three placings in both her disciplines. He has shown to have a good set of powerful legs and big movement, and the bonus is here to back it up. Very attached to his fellow horse buddies. Related to our top stallion Incandescente on his dam's side and the powerful Barbaro and Valegro on his sire's side.

    alt text

    6* RFE Olymbria

    RFE Uruk-hai x BFEC Olympic Heart II
    Bay splash Irish Sport Horse filly
    +7 dressage, +26 eventing & +10 show jumping

    ASKING PRICE: $53,000

    The cream of the crop - Uruk's first publicly available foal for purchase! And Olympic's as well! This filly will be very hard to sell, because she is simply stunning! Her movevement is very floaty, she is quick and she can really think for herself. You cannot see on all horses that they are smart, but you CAN see it on her. Beautiful shiny coat, lots of chrome from her dam, overflowing bonuses and a price tag to match. Many famous horses in her pedigree as well, we almost cannot choose who to feature! Benzin and our very own top notch eventer Ourania on her sire's side and the very famous Lanthrir on her dam's side!

    alt text

    7* RFE Interceptor

    RFE Inverno x OCN Springwood Vaneera
    Black Irish Draught (Warmblood) colt
    +20 dressage & +10 ridden showing

    ASKING PRICE: $32,000

    Big boned and an absolute cutie! This black colt is destined for fancy disciplines to show off his symmetric frame and self-carriage! For now very head shy and very attached to his dam, but as the process of weaning has been started there should be no problems regarding that. He is not as bold and approachable, but we believe he will open up when he gets older.
    His sire is a name for himself, and this little fella is the direct grandson of Incandescente. Must point out that he is the paternal half brother of our current number one Irish Sport Horse dressage stallion Incendio!

    alt text

    8* RFE L'estro Armonico SOLD

    RFE Locomotor x RFE Vamos Vivaldi
    Bay (with birdcatcher spots) Belgian Warmblood colt
    +22 show hunting & +1 ridden showing

    ASKING PRICE: $25,000

    Smart looking colt of a smaller frame might just be what you're looking for in your next show hunting superstar! Quick little legs from the Arabian side, which is his dam's side, but a Warmblood-looking body type from his sire's side of the family. Friendly colt who always loves to be first out the door, so watch out! Related to our lovely hunter The Nightcaller on his sire's side and his maternal grandsire is the late Arabian stallion Rock and Roll who is to this day one of the best show hunting Arabians on EC.

    alt text

    alt text

    • Standard sale rules apply.
    • Autobuys set at triple the asking price but still require an application that I'll approve!
    • My creator ID is 117.
    • Foals here are presented with the maximum bonus they will reach as some of their parents are not yet maxed out in their respectable disciplines but will be soon.
    • I do not have adult pictures of the foals as they are... foals :p

    You can apply for the foals by sending me a message in the DM here, on Slack, to RFE's Facebook page inbox or by emailing RFE to rotherford.estate@gmail.com.

    I'd like you to tell me why you are applying for that foal (or foals), and some valuable insight of your stable and yourself as well, just like we used to do back in the day :) :heart:

  • GASP LIDIJA ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  • @Siri-Kane said in [ENDS 6/30] RFE June 2019 Foal Crop:

    GASP LIDIJA ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    Glad you like them!

  • :drooling_face:

  • Oh my goodness! I LOVE them all!

  • Oh gosh, I'll have to sit on my hands real tight. Amazing job, Lidija!

  • Wow They are all so cute and wonderful! I'm crying!!!!!! :heart_eyes: :crying_cat_face:

  • Exscuse me whilst I throw my wallet at you!!. I know who I'm going for!!! Can you guess!!!

  • Thanks everyone!

    @Lexi-House Interceptor I'm sure ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • This is absolutely beautiful! I've been thinking of throwing together a western foal crop, I now found fire under my butt! Good luck in you sale, Lidija! <3

  • OMG Benzin is a proud grandpa :cry: all the best to Olymbria :heart:

  • Many thanks on such wonderful comments, but only 3 apps have been sent in so far! :)

  • You're killing me omg, what a line up!

  • L'Estro Armonico has been sold via autobuy!

  • Two weeks left and 4 foals still without a single app! :)

  • I've been lurking here since the day you posted and finally pulled an application together. Since it's a good old fashioned foal crop, I decided to send a good old fashioned email application so make sure to check your inbox :wink:

  • @Alexander-Westerberg said in [ENDS 6/30] RFE June 2019 Foal Crop:

    I've been lurking here since the day you posted and finally pulled an application together. Since it's a good old fashioned foal crop, I decided to send a good old fashioned email application so make sure to check your inbox :wink:

    Ooooh! I will!

  • Small bump, sale ending in less than two weeks!

  • If I wasn't trying to stay focused on my TBs, I'd so be applying! Gorgeous babies!!

  • if i only had the money ;-;

    someone autobought my show hunter D:

    but omg lidija you have such GORGEOUS babies.

  • Thank you @Cheyenne-Cavender and @Siri-Kane . Siri, yeah, someone did!

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