Specific standing poses, hd mod and coat building tecnique

  • Hi so, i was just looking around for some great new genes for my next foal season, and i fell over this Lindens Studs sire (https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=15702)
    I was wondering, if anyone have an idea of what pose he might be using? That is just the pose im looking for, i think i had some once, but then i got a new pc and now it is just gone...

    And also, i looove the simpleness in his coat and what the hd mod (Or maybe just a shine?) does for it.
    I would love to be able to make that type of coats, but i just cant really get the hang of it. any tips

  • You could always try messaging his owner and asking, she'll know more than anyone else about what mods she uses and how she makes her coats, and the pose may very well be a custom one that she's made herself. People do like to keep their own styles, so i'd take inspiration from the horse rather than trying to remake your own version of it :P

    Almost all coats are made the same way..just throw the different colours in the places they belong, and look at real life images for guidance on where to put said colours. Here is a very handy guide on coat making that might be useful to you, it has images taking you through every single step and the result is quite beautiful https://celeridad.weebly.com/making-coats.html

  • @Eowyn-Vance Well, i did wrote to her, but it was just because, there might be other people that could give some tips or ideas.
    I have already years ago checked that site, and i think i do what i like from that guide already ;)

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