Suntail Equestrian || Learning the ropes

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    Welcome to the most insane and out of control place in the entire world

    Fit with 7 1-acre pastures, a large outdoor arena and a barn this place is the dream for horses... but we have too many of those

    Our horses
    Yes they have no mane or tail, these are unedited pictures


    4 Years Of Age | Mare | Thoroughbred | Bay Splash | Broodmare - Open (Searching)

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    This young girl is guaranteed to melt your heart away. She is a sweet and loyal mare with a few faults. This show jumper is a well bred sooty bay mare, she is the mascot of STE and a beautiful one at that. She was a bred race horse but didnt turn out so, she trained in Jumping and got the hang of it easily. Shes a nervous girl and likes to hang out with her best friend named Ursula and know everything thats going on around her.


    4 Years of Age | Mare | thoroughbred | Dark Bay Roan | Broodmare- closed

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    Born only a month after picasso this mare is filled to the brim with anger and snorts, she often hangs around Picasso and makes sure that there is nothing within 15 feet of them. This beautiful mare is a talented individual when it comes to chasing handlers, foals, stallions and even other mares away. She enjoys the company of Picasso in the shade of a tree. She aswell is trained in showjumping but unlike Picasso isnt set to carry the futures of showjumping


    3 Years of Age | Stallion | Thoroughbred | Dark Bay Roan | Stud - Closed

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    This young charm is being trained to be a jumper, hes stubborn but very sturdy and carries himself well. Hes clever and agile (Not in a good way) and knows his way over a fence, whether its a labeled jump or the paddock fence hes good at it. He is not yet set to be a stud but future events may change that, hes cunning but needs points to carry him through his career.

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    The girls, Im hoping to get Picasso covered soon and shes been spending 24/7 with Ursula

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