[Ended] Arabian looking for a Home

  • AR Crisma
    Arabian | Stallion | Foundation

    Seller's Notes:

    • You can change anything after you bought the horse but if you do change the conformation or coat (except Detail-+Shine and Shade-markings): please remove my prefix as well
    • You can decide on Strain and Discipline as well
    • You can use him as RP Horse or as a Show horse, but please don't let him rot in the corner
    • If you by any chance sell him one day again, please ask me first if I want to take him back
    • Thank you for your attention reading the notes :)

    Starting Bid: 4,000§ || Min. Increase: 500§

  • I hate greys I love him.

  • @Allison-Person said in [Ends 06/10] Arabian looking for a Home:

    I hate greys I love him.

    I am happy you like him :D Bid accepted ofc ^.^

    Just to clarify the Ending date: The Auction will end tomorrow 12pm MESZ. See you then ^.^

  • He is very cute!

  • Auction closed! Congrats to @Allison-Person pls send the payment over the MS and your E-Mail via PM/Slack to me :) Thank you very much ^.^ And I wish you the best with your new pon :D

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