Fixing an undeclared horse?

  • Hellouu! So i entered one of my horses in a dressage show, but now it says that he's undeclared? I don't really understand this haha, and i accept the fact that i sound like a 3 year old hihi :3 Could someone explain what an undeclared horse is? <3

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    Have you just registered your horse? Are you sure their ID number is correct? If so, they will show up as undeclared for a while until they become finalized into the system. The best thing to do is alert the show host so they can keep an eye on it.

  • The horse is registered and the ID is correct, but thank you for your answer! I'll contact them asap :)

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    @Puck-Cantrell said in Equus Automatic Registration: OPEN:

    An Important Note Regarding Automatically-Registered Horses:

    Most of you have picked up on this by now, but since there's been no formal announcement I thought I'd write it down to avoid confusion.

    Horses who have been recently submitted to Automatic Registration will flicker between Registered and Undeclared on show documents. This is due to an unavoidable issue with the way the system documents communicate with each other. If your horse shows up as Approved! on the registration list, he has been registered correctly and is free to participate in shows in his discipline! However, expect to see him flicker between Correct and Undeclared in any shows he is entered in for a short period (usually around a week) after being registered. Our fabulous show staff know to look for these errors, and your horse will not be disqualified from this issue. Please post in the show thread that your horse has been recently registered so the host knows to wait for them to be showing as Correct before judging!

    We clear the registration queue about once a week, or anytime the list gets longer than about 50-70 horses. Once the list is cleared, the horses on it have been archived and given a more permanent home in the system, so the flickering between statuses will stop. If your approved horse no longer appears on the registration list, you no longer have to worry about this issue.

    Thank you all for your patience!

  • @Puck-Cantrell Thank you for the fabulous info :heart_exclamation:

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