The Lot Place: Lots by Ashton Mills.

  • The Lot Place

    Since I enjoy playing around with different designs I figured I could share the things I make up in my free time with you all! Lots are all unfurnished, but have wall paint/ terrain paints/ windows/ doors. Rules are pretty much just don't repost and claim as your own. Otherwise feel free to edit/ repaint or whatever your heart so desires! If you have any requests feel free to PM me!

    Available content:

    Colonial Stable Yard Post
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  • The Colonial Stable Yard:

    alt text

    Lot includes:

    • Main house
    • 1 car garage
    • 2 5 stall stable blocks
    • 2 tack/feed rooms
    • 2 small turnouts
    • 1 covered gazebo
    alt text alt text alt text

    CC Used:

    Download (dropbox)

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