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    Yes you read right, we on LMEC have decided to open an stud service in an small scale to offer some of our finest warmblood stallions for public breeding for first time ever ^^

    Now, some rules (more are included in the spreadsheet) -

    • This service is an BIY, and it means that you're breeding your foal by yourself with your own mare.
    • Don't use my prefix (LMEC)please, since you're making the foal, not me.
    • No twins, only one foal per stallion. You may apply for several stallions but just breed them once.
    • I take $100 per discipline point, so active studs can have higher fee's in future when they're gaining more points.
    • Mare must be registred at Equus Community.
    • Warmbloods are preferred but approved outcrosses for warmbloods are welcome too.

    More studs will be added in future

    Contact me here via PM or Slack if you're interested of one or several studs and wants to book slots for them.

  • Have updated the sheet with how much PBD they're giving the foal by themselves and how much they're receiving from the parents and grandparents :slight_smile:

  • June 19th - an BIG bunch of new gorgeous stallions added in the stud service, go ahead and visit our new and improved sheet to make it easier to find a suitable stud for your mare ^^

  • Some studs have got a couple extra slots and a couple have got their fee's adjusted due of gained more points.

    A small note to remember, all slots are now the final ones so once when they're taken - it won't be added more slots for these studs. So take your chance now meanwhile they're still up, to grab your slot of your favourite stud :heart_eyes:

  • Sheet have been updated with some new studs! Fee's, points and pdb are updated at those active studs that are still competing .

    Also an reminder - those that have added 1 or 2 LAST slots, they're final and these studs will be removed from service when their slots are taken.

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