[24hrs ALB] Birkenheim June '19 Foal Crop

  • SB Kalwados!
    Sarah Deacon has slowly been coming into her own with a school mistress and bringing on an already broken stallion in dressage and we've been looking for a young dressage prospect for her to back and bring on. Kalwados being laid back and requiring more time to process new elements seems an ideal match! Of course, it will be under close supervision of both her mothers and our head dressage trainer while being backed to make sure that everything goes smoothly and in safe conditions for both horse and rider.

  • Accepted

  • Autobuy for KLN Kalwados! As mentioned in my (much, much longer :laughing: ) PM, not only do I think he's gorgeous, but he's a different personality than my other horses, which will be fun to work with, and is also new blood for my dressage Trakehners.

    Thank you for sharing such gorgeous horses with us! :heart:

  • @Erin-Ward Accepted.

    KLN Kalwados has been sold for $30000

  • Administrators

    KLN Awangarda - sb
    She's a gorgeous seal bay and I'd love to add another lovely mare to my eventing team! We have a lot of steady girls who would be able to help her settle in, and plenty of pasture for her to run around with the other young ladies :D

  • Accepted!

  • A small bump, two of the foals still remain bidless!


  • The auction is now officially ALB

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