[24hrs ALB] Birkenheim June '19 Foal Crop

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    Birkenheim June '19 Foal Auction

    1. Do not edit the horse's coat or conformation to the point it's no longer recognizable.
      • Minor cosmetic changes made to make horse fit more into your game's aesthetic is allowed and even encouraged.
      • You ARE allowed to resize the horse to fit your measuring method as long as its height remines up to scale (f.ex. do not make a 16hh horse suddenly measure 20hh)
      • You are allowed to update horse's coat and conformation with new markings/sliders or the markings you prefer, BUT the general shape and coat colour must remain the same - do not give a horse white markings it did not have, do not give it roman nose if it didn't have one.
      • If you feel you are missing any markings, please, do not contact me. My CC files are a primordial soup and I can't find the exact ones you're missing. Just replace them with similiar looking ones.

    1. Do NOT change:
      • Horse's prefix (KLN) or show name! You can change the barn name to whatever you want as long as it is according to Equus rules.
      • Horse's breed. If you read the rules and are agreeing to obey them, please, write down a short (or however long you want tbh) note about why you want to buy the particular horse you are bidding on together with your first bid. Bids without that note will not be taken into account.
      • Age OR sex. Stallions may be gelded.

    1. I'd prefer if the horse ended up in an active, caring home.
      • Mares can either be shown or used as broodmares.
      • Stallions and geldings need achieve at least one tilte before breeding.
      • Horses of both sexes must not be bred until they are of appropriate age (3 years old for stallions, 4 years old for mares).
      • I don't require nor do I expect regular updates on the horse but it sure would be nice to see it appear in your scrapbook every now and then.
      • I will not reclaim the horse from you unless you specifically send it to Reclaimable Horses account, don't worry.

    1. The auction will be going on until 1st of July 2019 and then turns to ALB.
    2. Horses are main site registered, but not discipline registered. You may choose whichever discipline you like them to compete in.
    3. Do not use the horse as a template, do not put in on public download, do not use it's coat as a base to create other coats.
    4. If you no longer want a horse please, contact me before selling it. I might want to buy it back.

    1. Some RP rules for you:
      • You will get an adult horse file, but a horse will be a yearling (or older if the auction is prolonged). Please, respect that, RP-wise. Don't make his wee back carry your sims yet.
      • Thus said, you can, of course, make him a yearling in-game (change his confo TEMPORARLY).
      • Please, respect the character description I wrote out.

    Minimum bid: $1000
    Auto-buy: Twice the last bid (f.ex. if the last bid is 4000, the autobuy would be 8000)

  • KLN Harmonia
    KLN Havana x KLN Rembrandt
    alt text
    Wielkopolski || Mare || Bay Tobiano
    Show Jumping +1 || Eventing +1
    Adult Pictures

    Harmonia is definitely a quick learner. She welcomes any upcoming challenges with a heads on attitude and sometimes can seem fearless. This, and her curiosity, make her easy to teach. For now she lacks focus, she becomes easily distracted - everything is just so interesting, you know? She might grow out of it, but if not, that will need to be worked on.
    As for being handled, her ground manners are not bad for a foal. She can be haltered and led without any trouble, we can brush her with no unusual problems. But then, Harmonia is probably better with humans than she is with horses. She likes being in control of her paddock mates and she shows it, showing every horse their place and basically being a big bully at times. Something the future owner absolutely needs to work on so that it doesn't become a problem in the future.
    Harmonia loves her bounces and jumps, she is like a big leaping frog sometimes, if uncoordinated at times. Oh, and did I mention, she does not need a jump in front of her to flip into the air? She just does it because she wants to have some fun.

    alt text
    alt text

    KLN Awangarda
    KLN Azalea x KLN Rembrandt
    alt text
    Wielkopolski ||Mare || Seal Brown
    Eventing +3
    Adult Pictures

    Awangarda is the type of gal that is scared of nothing and will jump into the fire... unless it suddenly emits a loud, strange noise. She hates those sudden sounds, like door banging loudly or someone yelping or a pitchfork dropping to the ground... She will bolt, if she has enough space to do so. If not she'll just jump up in space and remain on high alert if no one comes to calm her down.
    She's a bit awkward around other horses - she wants to be with them and wants to have fun and feel safe but she can't read their cues and ends up being pushed around and picked on. Fighting back is also not for her, she just walks away and sulks. This is probably why she learnt early on, that if any human appears in the pasture - she'll probably rush over there and demand to be pet and payed attention to. She's good on the ground, still a tiny bit skittish when we put on a halter but that should be worked out before she goes to a new home.
    Awangarda also loves being turned out, or more like, loves to run into the pasture full speed, with couple of bucks along the way and then go and try to get along with the herd, being as persistant as she is.

    alt text
    alt text

    KLN Aperitif
    KLN Alagash x Nabisco S
    alt text
    Wielkopolski ||Stallion || Buckskin
    Eventing +6 || Dressage +6
    Adult Pictures

    Aperitif is a nice looking horse, but he surely can be a bit difficult. He needs a good and productive way to release his, seemingly neverending energy supply. This horse needs to work and needs to tire out and being just a school horse might not cut it. Of course, he might one day grow out of his high energy levels, but in case that doesn't happen we reccomend an owner who can spare him as much time as he needs.
    From what we noticed, this boy also absolutely. Hates. Baths. We didn't try to bring him into a proper wash stall yet, but from his brief enounter with a water hose we can tell it will be a long and difficult battle to teach him to stand still. Don't get me wrong, Aperitif is not afraid of water he just... Hates water being splashed at him from the hose. He also dislikes new things and changes in his surroundings, prefering things staying as they were on a day he was born. New smells? Nope. New stall? Nope. New blankets (or any kind of blankets really)? HELL TO THE NO.
    Oh, that's the other thing. Put aside a lot of time and patience for when you'll start getting Aperitif used to the saddle - he holds anything that tries to go over his back in the deepest of contempts. You might ask where his strong personality comes from? Your eyes didn't fool you when you thought there's something exotic about him - his grandmother was a pureblood Arabian and it kind of shows, at least at this young age.

    alt text
    alt text

    KLN Kalwados
    KLN Kartagina x KLN Fanaber
    alt text
    Trakehner ||Stallion || Red Roan
    Dressage +1
    Adult Pictures

    Kalwados is a gentle, sleepy foal that just wants to cuddle and wakes up to play and eat. He's much calmer than his foal friends and might be a good school horse one day. He also is a best-behaved one of the whole lot, but that's because he... just doesn't care much? He approaches new things with the "OK, duly noted" attitude and goes back to whatever he's been doing before. That does not mean he's bombproof though, no foal is. From what we noticed, he reacts strongly to anything with bright, unnatural colours (Łucja in her neon pink T-shirt was the culprit that scared the poor boy to the other side of the paddock immidiately).
    It seems that learning-wise he always needs to play catch up with other foals. He's not as curious and it takes him a bit more time to process some things, but he gets there. We think this attitude can be turned into a real advantage when you begin working with him. It is clearly visible that he's an intelligent horse that is developing a mind of his own. Teach him how the things are done properly and he might then be able to teach the others.

    alt text
    alt text

  • Name Starting Bid Highest Bid Last Bidder
    KLN Harmonia $15 000 SOLD Lexi House
    KLN Awangarda $16 000 SOLD Blake Bellanaris
    KLN Aperitif $25 000 --- ---
    KLN Kalwados $15 000 SOLD via Autobuy Erin Ward

  • SB Kalwados!
    Sarah Deacon has slowly been coming into her own with a school mistress and bringing on an already broken stallion in dressage and we've been looking for a young dressage prospect for her to back and bring on. Kalwados being laid back and requiring more time to process new elements seems an ideal match! Of course, it will be under close supervision of both her mothers and our head dressage trainer while being backed to make sure that everything goes smoothly and in safe conditions for both horse and rider.

  • Accepted

  • Autobuy for KLN Kalwados! As mentioned in my (much, much longer :laughing: ) PM, not only do I think he's gorgeous, but he's a different personality than my other horses, which will be fun to work with, and is also new blood for my dressage Trakehners.

    Thank you for sharing such gorgeous horses with us! :heart:

  • @Erin-Ward Accepted.

    KLN Kalwados has been sold for $30000

  • Administrators

    KLN Awangarda - sb
    She's a gorgeous seal bay and I'd love to add another lovely mare to my eventing team! We have a lot of steady girls who would be able to help her settle in, and plenty of pasture for her to run around with the other young ladies :D

  • Accepted!

  • A small bump, two of the foals still remain bidless!


  • The auction is now officially ALB

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