How does everyone scale their horses?

  • I'm purely curious to know how everyone else scales their horses. Personally, my horses are scaled vaguely according to the OMSP, and I always find when I bring in horses from other people they're MASSIVE in my game since my horses are so tiny in comparison and I need to scale them down! I like to scale my horses how I do since I like my horses to be properly scaled to my riders.

    It's gotten me curious and I want to know if anyone else has certain ways they scale their horses and why ? Or maybe it's just something I think about and I'm a mad man- it'd be nice information anyways

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    I don't. I don't really care for doing it, so I don't, lol. I think it's too much work :joy:

  • @Regina-Walker said in How does everyone scale their horses?:

    I don't. I don't really care for doing it, so I don't, lol. I think it's too much work :joy:

    That's why I say "vaguely" haha! I sorta got a feel for the arpoximate height when using OMSP, I don't have to go through the hassle of measuring when I can just go "eh, close enough"

  • Thats what i do, i use omsp to measure them :) works fine for me

  • I don't measure than either. I just know my thoroughbreds are taller than most of my stocks which are taller than most of my arabs which are taller than my ponies. I am curious how tall they are in regards of using OMSP :thinking:

  • oh boy i'm guilty as charged. I used to measure my ponies with OMSP but my warmbloods...just whatever felt right and matched my huge six foot sims. I've recently noticed how HUGE my horses actually are when I got a horse from someone that was the correct I'm working to fix that :sweat_smile:

  • Haha... ah. :sweat_smile: See, I scale. I do. Horses and riders and ponies, according to this chart provided by Josie. Except... I scale in different saves. And don't always move the new, scaled horses and riders, or save them to bins or libraries. So they aren't necessarily scaled when I place them anew, or if I go back to a save before I did it.

    ... in short: my game is a dog's breakfast. But I do try. Especially since I play with a story in mind, and height (or lack of it) is something I closely associate with a handful of different horses/characters. :slight_smile:

  • I have a wallpaper with horse heights that was supposed to have been made with OMSP.

    So I kind of "eyeball" it in CAS and then put them up against the paper in game and then resize to tweak.

  • I use my andalusian template as the "standard" height and then for taller horses I just use the leg lenght slider and the horse size a little bit for draft breeds. Smaller breeds like arabians I just use the size slider and then I give them legs for ages lol

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