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    The Pony Club
    where it all begins

    The Pony Club aims to educate the next generation of horse people, with a strong focus on horse management. Members may test for new certifications in horse management, as well as flat and jump in various disciplines, such as eventing, dressage, and huntseat equitation. Riders up to the ages of 25 are welcome to participate in traditional pony club events, including rallies and testings. The Pony Club, or is a club based upon the real life Pony Club (in this case, the United States Pony Club in particular). This club aims to add a new option for those interested in storytelling and roleplaying, particularly with child sims. Pony Club provides a foundation of horsemanship and knowledge within new generations of equestrians.

    Please note that the Pony Club is a fictional Pony Club meant to be used as a challenge using the video game, The Sims 3 and as a topic for role-playing games.

    i. Overview
    ii.Club and Rider Registration
    iii.Registered Clubs and Riders
    iv. Testings and Certifications
    v. Events
    vi. News and Updates
    vii. Photo Gallery
    viii. Store

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    The Pony Club strives to add a community of EC members interested in developing young riders in the community through events based on real life Pony Club events. Membership is optional to enter events, but is how the sim member is tracked for levelling. Members start off as "Unrated" members of the Pony Club, and may enter events in order to progress further. This rating designates which level the member should be showing at for progression in this RPG based club.


    coming soon, a section dedicated to those who run the club or organize events frequently.

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