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  • I went though one of my stallions page and found a odd cross. The foal is reg and accepted as a Quarab. But the sire is a Paint and the mare is an arabian. That should be a pintobian Not a quarab. Here is the horse in question
    28030 Hetting's Lost World Quarab Buckskin Sabino EE/Aa/nCr/nW Western Trail Endurance 25038 27614

    Is this even acceptable as that outcross?

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    Is it possible the horse was created and registered before Pintabian was added to the list of breeds?

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    That is a Quarab. Pintabians are 99% or more Arabian by definition, with the 1% being any breed that carries tobiano (most commonly saddlebred or APH). A horse that is only 50% Arabian does not qualify for registration as a Pintabian. Quarabs however are any cross between Arabs and American Quarter Horses or Paints.

  • Odd. I always went by real breed standards on both those.
    I learned somthing new

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    @Allison-Person said in Question about a Cross:

    Odd. I always went by real breed standards on both those.

    Those are the real life breed standards, for both Pintabians and Quarabs.
    Pintabians, to be registered with the Pintabian Horse Registry, Inc. (PHRI) must be at LEAST 99% Arabian. 50% Arab/Paint crosses don't qualify; those are Quarabs.
    From the Registration section of the PHRI:

    "Horses registered in this division are Pintabian horses. They possess the desired tobiano markings and are over 99% Arabian in blood (but are less than 100% Arabian as purebred Arabians do not come in the tobiano pattern). To qualify for registration in this division, at least one parent must be a tobiano."

    • On Equus, we merge the two divisions of the Pintabian registry (Colored and solid breeding stock) to allow horses of all patterns to be registered, but they must also meet the blood percentage requirements. American Paint Horses are most commonly used as foundation stock to introduce the tobiano pattern; but Saddlebreds are commonly used as well and there is no requirement for what breed the 1% of a Pintabian's makeup can be, as long as it carried tobiano.

    Alternatively, a Quarab is described as any mixture between Arabian and Stock (Quarter Horse or American Paint Horse) blood. The only rule regarding blood makeup is that a horse be no less than 1/8th either Arabian or stock blood. Rules about registration with the International Quarab Horse Association can be seen here.
    From RULE 15: Acceptable Outcross Breeds/Registries (page 7):

    "The following breeds/registries are recognized by
    the IQHA as outcrosses. Individual cases involving breeds that are not on this recognized list will be considered and acted upon by the IQHA business office.

    Purebred Arabian stallions and mares of the following registries are eligible to produce registered Quarabs:
    a. AHRA- Arabian Horse Registry of America
    b. AIR Arabian International Registry, formerly (IAHRONA)
    c. Any foreign Purebred Arabian Registry/studbook that is currently
    recognized by the AHRA or WAHO

    C. Stock Type Outcrosses
    Purebred Paint and Quarter Horse stallions and mares of the following registries are eligible to be parents of registered Quarabs:
    a. AQHA- American Quarter Horse Association
    b. APHA- American Paint Horse Association, there shall be no bias toward “Regular” registered horses vs. “Breeding Stock” division registered horses."

  • I read that after I posted. Where the Learned something new came in. I was always told it was QH and Arab only.

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