{Ongoing} Design Seed Challenge {Chatter Thread}

  • Oxlip Presents...

    The Design Seed Challenge

    I adore color. I love the feeling it gives me. A flash of inspiration and for a brief moment your someplace else. Somewhere bright and colorful…. or someplace that time’s forgotten. So with this challenge I hope to encourage people to get in touch with their imagination.
    How’s this gonna work? : Well, I’m picturing this in one of two ways…and who knows I may just do both. First way I figured I would pick a number of color pallets (no more than four) and let the community pick which pallet they would like to use. The catch…each color corresponds to a theme for an added bit of challenge. You don't have to use the theme if you don't want to. The whole point is to have fun and be creative!
    The alternative: A theme from the website is chosen and everyone can go crazy with pallets offered...what's the worst that can happen? :joy:
    Truthfully, I’d like to rotate between the two options just to see how it goes. That added with a month long time frame makes me excited to see what everyone comes up with.
    Make your entries your own! Have new look you want to share? Remodeling? Do the colors remind you of some far away land with a story to tell? Post them down below!
    The website: https://www.design-seeds.com/
    I love this site. The colors and themes are endless, and I hope everyone has fun! There are links below each color that give you full view of the chosen pallets/ themes...including the proper hex codes!

    Post your questions here. And I'm open to suggestions!

  • Could I do something with This pallet as the alternative option? Or do I have to do one of the ones posted in the main topic?

  • For this month the colors have been chosen already 😊. But hold onto that thought for next months challenge 🕊

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