[ENDED] May Foalcrop of Thoroughbreds


    1. Besides mane and tail style and tack, you may not edit anything on the horse (you may add your normal shinemarkings if you want to and if the horse is a grey, you are allowed to make him grey out).
    2. You MAY NOT put up the horse for download (template, coat, whatever).
    3. You MAY NOT use the horse's template or coat for new horses.
    4. You MAY NOT delete or edit the horse's name. I have named it what it's meant to be called. But you can choose whatever nickname you want for the horse.
    5. If you wanna sell the horse, please contact me first. Often I would like to buy the horse back. But the price is the same as when I sold him to you, not higher or lower.


    1. If you break our rules I WILL take the horse back and you can never have a horse from me again (you will be blacklisted)
    2. I will always need to say OK for new owners of my horse, because they can be on my "blacklist" (= list of people I don't sell to).
    3. If you can't update with a Kilborn-horse for a periode, please let me know, and we will figure something out.

    Foals can be registred before sale, but for a more price of one credit!

    KILBORN'S AGENT FALKIRK (not registred)
    Stallion - 1 y/o - Thoroughbred - Bay (EE AA) - Racing/Show Jumping
    Agent Falkirk, called Kirk, is an interesting young colt, as his is born out of two pretty excellent racers. The plans for the colt is show jumping beside racing, the same as his parents are doing. He is a little Bay (EE AA) colt. Young and with a lot of attitude.
    alt text

    KILBORN'S TWILIGHT ZONE (not registred)
    Mare - 1 y/o - Thoroughbred - Bay (Ee Aa) - Racing/Show Jumping
    Twilight Zone, Twiggy, is a beautiful racer, ready for trying racing herself in a few years. A real eye-catcher with a coat to die for. Even if she is only an ordinary Bay (Ee Aa), she looks really great. She has three outstanding gaits, with a phenomenal and fast canter.
    alt text

  • BIDS

    Horse SB Highest Bid
    Kilborn's Agent Falkirk §2000 §6000 by @Siri-Kane
    Kilborn's Twilight Zone §2000 §4000 by @Irene-Duarte

  • Bump! :)

  • SB for both <3

  • @Irene-Duarte Accepted

  • Kilborn's Twilight Zone $3000

  • Kilborn's Twilight Zone — 4k

  • Accepted, both of you :D

  • 1h left!

  • SCREAM how did i not see these babies?

    Kilborn's Agent Falkirk - 3k

  • @Siri-Kane Accepted! :D

  • Kilborn's Agent Falkirk = 4k

  • Falkirk - 6k

    (I think I got this in on time right???)

  • Both accepted!


  • Winners are!

    Kilborn's Agent Falkirk is won by @Siri-Kane by 6k! :D

    Kilborn's Twilight Zone is won by @Irene-Duarte by 4k! :D

    Please contact me, and you can pay and get the file! ;)

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